June 3, 2012

I often say that I want to be loved like a country song! That crazy love that is indescribable. I am not looking for perfect, but my perfect. That person who I can come home to after a long day good or bad and just fall into life with him and feel like everything is right just because he is in my life. I want to be that person for him as well. I will find that man. Someday, we will find each other.

Okay, so the quest. I started this not knowing just how serious I was. I knew that I was ready and I knew that it was a moment that I wouldn’t dismiss if it showed up on my front door step, but I wasn’t sure how much effort I would put in until…The night started out with me asking my friend to come to my office and help me organize since everything was in such disarray from a remodel. Now mind you this is a Friday night and the only friend who would be willing to come and help me on a Friday night at work is a married one… Problem #1: I am not married so what in the world am I doing in my office on a Friday night?!?!?! We finally came to our senses and decided that we were going to get dinner and meet up with some people that she knew at the Sandbar. I had no intention of meeting anyone. I was definitely not dressed to go out and I definitely was not looking that night. *This is where I began to wonder how committed I was to meet my Mr. Right for me*…Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t think that I will meet my God fearing man at a bar, but there is a little thing called duty dating (reference “Getting to I Do” in my first post). So… enter operation put the principles to the test. I see this man sitting at the table next to us. He is a very good looking man, but I wasn’t too sure of his age. He looked young. So… I asked my friend how old he was. As she was trying to decide, he caught me looking. I applied the 5 second rule and smiled on the 3rd second, looked away and left well enough alone. If he was interested, he would fine me. Guess what? HE DID!!! I couldn’t even believe it. He came over to the table just as friendly and awesome as I later learned that he is and that was it. We talked for quite some time, we made plans to see each other again and the fun began. And it was fun for about 3 weeks. You see this was a christian man. A man not hung up on his past. A man who has his stuff together. A single dad. Close to his family. He seemed to be perfect and I was excited to think that maybe… just maybe it was that easy.

It wasn’t that easy. New J, as I will call him here, was moving to Dallas for work *sigh*. Oh well, duty dating just got a little more interesting. So I can thank New J for putting a spring in my step and helping me realize that it is time and I want to put the work into finding my husband in a feminine energy kind of way.

What next… I joined a dating website! Now that is interesting. It is nice because I can be selective, but it is also a little challenging. I have met Boring, Colorado and Texas.

Boring really was a nice guy, but there was just no spark. That didn’t make it past one date.

Colorado… This will be an ongoing story I am sure. I can’t figure this one out, but I think he has potential.

Texas… OH MY GOSH!! This is one for the books. I actually had a couple of moments where I had to seriously try not to laugh. Like hysterical, tears streaming down your face kind of laughing. You know those moments where you can almost see yourself from another perspective? Almost like watching a movie? Well that is what this was. I really felt like I was on a movie like How to lose a guy in 10 days or He’s just not that into you or something like that. This guy was SO not ready to date and I really just wanted to stick a pen in my eye or something. Now I like to talk. I talk a lot, so when I say that I probably said 100 words in the hour and half I was out with him, that is a big deal. I couldn’t talk. Texas was too busy telling me about how righteous and Godly he was while telling me EVERYTHING about his “wife”. I got to hear about how self sacrificing he was doing everything right and not even thinking about women until the marriage was done, but wait… this fraud didn’t keep his story straight because later on in his monologue, he mentions that he got on the dating site because his wife (oh yes truly his wife) was on the site and he wanted to check up on her…. In his defense, I will say that he supposedly has filed the divorce paperwork, but this godly righteous man missed the part that HE IS STILL MARRIED!! Okay, so as if that wasn’t bad enough, I paid for my own dinner and then headed to Starbucks (He followed me) I ordered my coffee and when the barista asked him if he wanted anything his response to me was “Are you buying me a coffee?” ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!?!?!?! ME by YOU  some coffee??? Ugh, it was just so unbelievable that I couldn’t say no. Have your coffee, handshake and goodbye right? Nope, I couldn’t be so lucky, so I decided to take this opportunity to let Texas know that there will be no further dates and that I hope he gets things straightened out in life and finds someone amazing. He still couldn’t hear the words I was saying so I resorted to the unthinkable… secret text to a friend “CALL ME PLEASE”… Emergency phone call, gotta go and I am out!

Then there is original J and Pivo. Original J is an on again off again “relationship” I am not sure what my hang up with him is, but he has always had me wondering what life would be like with him. He is the mystery man. In and out unexpectedly and without warning.

Pivo is from the past and has popped up just recently. He offers a very enticing world for me. An opportunity that would make life simple and fun. Enjoyable and exciting, but there is just something that I am not sold on.


One thought on “June 3, 2012

  1. We DON’T like orginal J or Pivo… keep looking (when it comes to one of those 2 you should read the book “He’s Just Not That Into You” because if “he” (both of them) were they wouldn’t be so foolish and both would have stepped their games up appropriately 🙂

    And remember I love you!

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