Just the beginning

Well here I am starting my first blog! I have always wanted to blog but I wasn’t sure what I had that would be interesting enough to continue over a longer period of time… well, I have found that subject! I want to find a husband.

I am a christian woman who loves the Lord and I am seriously looking for my forever man. A man who loves the Lord and who will be a strong family leader… that doesn’t sound too hard does it? Well, let me tell you IT IS!!! It is amazing what is out there! Men and women alike have lost their minds. 😀

Why blog I ask myself… the only answer I have is why not?! This stuff is funny, interesting, amusing and sometimes just sad! I have had some fun experiences and it is just not fair to hide it from the rest of the world.


I have read the books and I have talked with successful and unsuccessful couples. I have decided that I am going to apply the principles of the books that I have read and the ones that I am going to continue to read to my “quest to find a husband”.

This journey started with my best friend. She is a riot and seriously the best friend a girl can have. When I said I was ready to settle down again and find the person that I can share the joys and struggles with, she told me to read the book “Getting to I Do” by Dr. Patricia Allen so I did. And then I read it again. Recently I have been told about the book “The Fascinating Girl” by Helen Andelin which sounds very similar. It will be my next read.

What are these principles you might ask… read the book! Okay, okay I will tell you a few. First of all the premise that there is a masculine and a feminine energy in every relationship and you have to decide which one you want to be is amazing and just so true. You can’t be both. So, I have decided that ultimately, I want to be the feminine energy in the relationship. As a result I have had to learn to change some of my behaviors. I have always been feminine, so that has not been a change that I needed to make, but I didn’t realize that certain words and behaviors can alter how a man see’s me. You see, I always thought that being capable was something a man liked, but what I learned is that a man wants to feel needed. It is okay and even desired for me to ask for help (that is hard for me). I have also learned that the simple act of speaking to a man first by saying hello indicates that I want to be the masculine energy in the relationship, so I have had to learn to step back and let the man speak to me. Now that seems a little overboard don’t you think? Well let me tell you that I have tried it and it is crazy how a simple (5 second) look at a man combined with a gentle yet flirty smile can bring a man right over. I hardly even need to try. I wish I would have known that years ago.

Men want to be the hunters and honestly speaking, I want to be hunted. So… This blog will be a blog about being hunted. 🙂 My hope and prayer would be that I will be documenting my journey towards a beautiful union between myself and my forever partner to be.

Whoever you are, I am preparing myself to meet you. I look forward to the fireworks that will explode when we finally unite. I look forward to years of joy and experiences. I am excited to grow old with you and grow together in our faith. I know God is preparing us both, so today… I want you to know that I love you… whoever you are I will love and respect you every day for the rest of our lives!


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