On my quest to find a husband I am learning that this journey is multifaceted. This journey is more than just searching for my future mate, but it is a journey to find what God wants for me. God is amazing! He is real. I am in awe of his beauty and constant love for me. Oh and His patience is incredible, because I am for real when I say that I have some serious ADD. I get distracted by new and shiny things! It is often the same. All is good. I am on a good path and then out of no where this shiny thing comes along (usually a good looking guy) and suddenly I am off track… It is like ahhhh something new let’s go and see… Let’s play, this is fun… Oh wait, NO look forward, don’t get distracted… Ooooo shiny, new fun… NO focus and it just keeps going. I often imagine God is sitting in heaven just shaking his head and laughing at me knowing I will turn around quicker and quicker each time. I am sure that although he would prefer that I did not find my ADD moments, he is slightly amused by them. I mean he loves me so I am sure my quirks are endearing right?

As I sat in church today listening to the speaker, I marveled at just how true his words rang. You know sometimes there are just things that are said that I know are just for me. I have been trying to process just what this journey will look like and truthfully, I don’t know and that is okay. What I do know is that I am going to blog my heart out. I am going to be real and and walk this out. I hope that you will choose to enjoy the walk with me.

I have decided that I do not intend this to be a forum where I only talk about my dates and the men I see, but this will be the true journey of how I get from today to the next chapter. I fully believe that when I find my Mr. Right for me, there will be documented change. A walk that I can look back on and say that it was funny, happy, sad and so much more.

As it was said in church today, God has to create the place before he can create me. To bring that into my journey, I believe that God either has to create me, my future spouse or both of us in the way that He knows is best for our future before he can bring us together.

This is fun for sure!


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