Tonight is one of those nights…

Okay, so great story! This guy came into my office for some information and to pick something up. We talk. He is a cool guy and we always have short, punchy, enjoyable, meaningless conversations with just a hint of flirting. It will never amount to anything because it is work, but it is fun. Anyway, he tells me that he is off to L.A. for work next week to which I sigh and say how jealous I am because I would love to go and visit my best ever friend and go to the beach.

We talk a little more and then he leaves to go to the store. He comes back about 30 minutes later, waits for me to finish up what I was doing and then starts in on this elaborate story where he tells me that he is in the store minding his own business, he is not walking down the aisles because he is just there for laundry detergent. As he walks towards the check out stand, this box of moon pies jumps out at him and wants to go home with him. Now, this person… Let’s call him Hollywood, is fighting with these cookies when he finally gives in because the moon pie cookies are only $1 and how can he resist such a deal? So… because he lost the battle with the cookies, he decided he needed to come in and bring me one, and because he has one for me, he must bring one for my co-worker. So… He gives my co-worker hers and when he hands me mine, I see that his number is attached to it.

I can’t even pretend like that is not the coolest way that a guy has tried to tell me that he would like to hear from me. The problem is that I am the girl and I do not chase men. Not even Hollywood. I am seriously considering sending a short text that is brief and a little flirty so that he knows that I am interested, but then I will for sure leave the chasing to him. Or maybe not. Hmmmm… What to do.

I think I will wait until a different time though. I am feeling a little vulnerable tonight and very much would love to cuddle up next to someone and go to sleep. I am exhausted after a long day and would be very okay getting a close to someone tonight. See this is where the journey has to be just that. It has to be an honest one. I know I have these moments and it isn’t like I don’t have options. I mean there is Colorado, even though we are definitely not in a place to get all cuddly, I could definitely call him up and suggest that we watch a move.

Then there is Pivo. Ahhh… Pivo,  he is like a favorite pair of jeans. Comfortable, worn in and just the right fit. That would be an easy transition with very little effort. He just isn’t the one though. He isn’t right for my forever and if I were to slip into that comfortable place even one time I could possibly miss out on my best. I would be giving into a temptation that could keep me from what God has in store for me.


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