The well has not run dry!

So, I was feeling a little discouraged today. I was wondering if for some reason my decision to allow comfortable jeans back into my life may have put me in the dry zone. No dates coming in, or so I thought.

After a super long and emotionally draining day, I casually log on to the lovely dating site that I have chosen to sign up on and sure enough, there it is… An email… Wait, no there were TWO emails from 2 men who I have been messaging on and off for a few weeks now. I hadn’t really though much about either of them this last week because I was enjoying comfortable jeans too much.

So here I was presented with 2 offers. A casual night with comfortable jeans relaxing over a bottle of wine OR an evening with a new man. New man had plans to go to a birthday party, but said that if I was available then he would much prefer to spend an evening with me and would I like to go and see a movie? HECK YES I WOULD!!! I must keep this quest going. How in the world do I find Mr. Perfect for me if I am too lazy to put the comfortable jeans aside? As my daughter said yesterday… Comfortable jeans are worn out and can tear a hole in uncomfortable places when you least expect it. OH MY GOSH!!! How true! It is time for comfortable jeans to go back on the shelf, they should only be brought out on when all else fails and nothing else seems to fit. 🙂

Tomorrow will be a great day! I am ready for a new adventure. I am keeping my fingers crossed that New Man is interesting and fun. I am looking forward to a new adventure.


One thought on “The well has not run dry!

  1. You should give OLD comfortable jeans to Good Will! Maybe someone else will buy them and take them far, far away so you can move on and forget your old jeans, or you could pour gasoline on them and set them on fire … that’s not a bad idea either… just saying.

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