Good date, bad date…

Good date, bad date… Good date it was not. How can 2 people read something so differently? In my head I am thinking…excuse me work emergency, you happen all week long! All week you threaten to ruin my day and interrupt my joy. Today, I am desiring to meet with you. Today dear work emergency, I would welcome you with open arms. Please rescue me from the boredom that I am currently suffering from. Please give me reason to quickly escape the sad saga of vengeful ex wife’s. Not today. Today work emergency chose to give me a break. I am sure it is sitting back laughing thinking oh no not today. Today I enjoy knowing that you are being tortured without my help ha ha ha.

Mr. Personality: wow, this has been a great 3 hours. It went by so quickly. Thank you for meeting me. We will have to do it again.

Me: WORK EMERGENCY WHERE ARE YOU??? I am pleading with you to help me!

In walks work emergency when I was 5 minutes away from having to leave anyway. Oh how sad, I must bolt I am so sorry I have to go (cough cough).

Mr. Personality: no problem, it was great spending time with you. Let’s get together for sushi.

Me: I love sushi

Mr. Personality: I’ll call you

Me: you do that. I’ll let you know if I am free.

Sorry dude I’m afraid that I will be busy from now until I meet my husband. I am not interested in a man who does not think he needs to stay married because the spark is gone. I am not interested in a man who does not think he should pay child support. I am not interested in a man who tells me that his ex wife was vindictive and awful even if it was true. I am not interested in a man who bad mouths his ex wife and admits that he has no desire to ever communicate with her again.

I want a man who is willing to fight for his marriage. A man who can say I did everything I could but it just didn’t work. I’m even okay with a man who says that he doesn’t particularly care for his ex wife but that he treats her with respect and tries to work on things for the benefit of the kids. I’m okay with a man saying that paying child support hurts and he doesn’t really like writing that check but that he does it for his kids.

I am looking for my husband! Please, when you know this, show me qualities that a self respecting woman would want to see from her man.

That is all I am asking for.

Last night flew by, I would have enjoyed it if it lasted longer. I will see mr. I still need a name again. Today was 1/2 the time as list night and felt twice as long. Mr. Personality did not make the cut.

Now off to the movies with comfortable jeans…

Maybe I will try my hand at live blogging tonight. 😉


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