To be continued…

     As my day unfolded I thought it was going to be a mellow one. One full of minimal surprises and one that would award me the opportunity to leave on time and head out for my date. It did not go as planned. As usual there was a fire to put out. Someone didn’t have air conditioning and since I am the manager and my maintenance was all out of town, I was left to handle the situation on my own. So as I am alternating phone calls between the AC guy, Corporate Maintenance Regional and the electrician I am sweating like crazy in the warmth of the day. All the while I am thinking that I have a date and this guy is going to be so thrilled that he took time out of his day to chill with the smelly girl from the dating website.
     I was so close to cancelling. I had just spent some very undesirable time in a vacant unit that had vomit all over the walls and floor. Bugs were crawling on me and the place smelled like death. I was convinced that I was going to smell like it too. I got back to the office, cooled down (both physically and mentally), got my things together, changed my clothes and headed out. Thank you to my super awesome friend who is encouraging and told me that I could be sweaty and smelly and will still be beautiful and that he would think I was too. I wasn’t feeling so beautiful.
       Going to a movie isn’t really the greatest first date idea, it doesn’t award you the opportunity to get to know a person, but I was so glad that was what we were doing. I wanted that time to relax and what if I didn’t like him or he didn’t like me. I mean what if it was just an uncomfortable moment after the day I had? I probably would have cried and been the story for his next date. It is funny how my mind thinks.  
      So, I drive up to the theater, get out of my car and start walking up. I stop, look around and I don’t see anyone who looks familiar. I had seen his picture, but the face I had seen online was not out there. So, as I am standing there in the middle of the crowd I pick up my phone and call him. As soon as I called I saw him standing there. He didn’t look at all like his picture. I would never have picked him out of the crowd. He is good looking which isn’t a surprise because he is in his pictures too. Mature looking. His face tells a story. He looks like he has a story. His eyes are kind. His smile is comforting. He is tall…. We walk towards each other. I am intrigued. He asked if I wanted to go to dinner and get a later movie or watch the movie a different time. I chose the move (I needed to not have to talk) and popcorn as dinner. So we wait in line and have the little somewhat uncomfortable conversations that happen when you are meeting someone for the first time. We make our way into the theater and stand in line for popcorn.Why is it that I ALWAYS get in the longest line? I mean not only did we get in the longest line (not in length, just in slowness), a different line opened up and the guy behind the register motioned for us to come over. As we head over there, some kid walked up to that exact line and took forever. The line we just came from served 3 people before we even got up to the counter of the new line. Ha! Oh well, it gave us a little more time to make a more comfortable conversation begin to happen. 
       We finally get into the theater and find a seat close to the aisle so that I could jump out and take the call that I was expecting from the AC guy (that call thankfully never came). We did a little bit of talking, ate a little bit of popcorn, commented on the previews and then the movie started.
        Okay, so really? We go and see a move that had some moments that made me jump (Snow White and the Huntsman). I really just wanted to grab onto his arm a couple of times…first date, can’t do that… Oh wait another jumpy moment need to grab the arm or the leg or something… nope can’t do that… first date… first date… first date. Can’t make a move that seems to be forward. Grrrr…… I wasn’t trying to be forward, but there were gross parts. I wanted to grab onto an arm. Oh well, I was well behaved I just tensed up and tried not to be all girly and made comments under my breath about how gross things were. I think I heard him comment a time or two also, but I won’t tell. 🙂  
     The movie was over and we decided to grab something to eat. BJ’s was the final decision. We sat on the patio and talked, I had a glass of wine and we ordered dinner. I can’t even begin to express just how great it was. I mean the conversation was good. We talked about all kinds of things. We laughed. We just genuinely had a good time talking about kids and animals, getting rich, work, vacations, other countries that he has been to, dating, embarrassing moments, each other, and the list goes on. At some point he asked me if I wanted to go and get some coffee and any one who knows me knows that answer is always yes. I love coffee. So, I happened to look at my watch before answering and IT WAS MIDNIGHT!!! OH MY GOSH where did time go? I hadn’t even looked at my phone since we sat down for dinner (another big deal since I can’t live with out my phone)! Time just flew. I could not believe how late it was. The coffee shop was closed. We said we needed to go, and by the time we actually got up to leave it was 1am. That last hour felt like 5 minutes. 
     He walked me to my car, I stood there shyly for a moment, he acknowledged the uncomfortable moment, hugged me and we went our separate ways. We had a good time. He did mention getting together again. We will. For sure. We had a good time.
        I drove away thinking that the date was an Ahhhh moment. Like Ahhhh there is a chance. It may or may not be him, but there is hope that I will find my person. The person who will be there at the beginning and the end of every day. My prince is out there!
      OH WAIT… He needs a name! I don’t know what to call him. He did tell me a story about work. He works with people overseas and we were talking about how they just come up with random names for themselves. Names like Smile or Superman. Or Jack only the person spelled it Jaques so it is not Jack even though that is what he was going for. My date doesn’t really fit with Jacques and Jack I use when I don’t like someone so that won’t work. Smile doesn’t really fit and he may be superman, but I don’t know this yet. Hmmmm… If I weren’t from here the states and I had to help someone come up with a random name, I would pick…. Um…. Geeze I don’t know. Let’s call him…Oh heck nothing jumps out at me. We will just leave him unnamed right now. I mean Pivo became comfortable jeans. I am sure this guy will grow into his name too. 🙂      
      Just as I was about to publish this I got a text from the unnamed. Saying good morning and telling me to have a good day. 🙂 He likes me. He is thinking about me. I like that.            
     Okay, I am off to start my day. This story is destined to be continued…

2 thoughts on “To be continued…

  1. It’s like Sex and the City, TS style. It’s very interesting reading such subject matter from the others perspective.

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