The motivation to do it right…

Today’s date is the best of them all (lunch with my kids)My kids are the motivation not to settle for less than Gods best for me. They are the reason that I will not settle for less than a perfect gentleman. My boys deserve to see what a Christ centered relationship looks like.

I am blessed with amazing kids. The boys are learning to be gentleman, but they need to see it. Hearing from me won’t be enough.

The joy that they bring to my life makes me want to do life different. They make this quest for a husband more meaningful and valuable. I messed up once and I saw the results of that disaster. I owe it to them and to my daughter to take this journey serious. No cheating allowed. No imposters. A genuine, God fearing man is a prerequisite that will not be compromised.

Let the journey continue!


One thought on “The motivation to do it right…

  1. Please tell me this means we threw Comfortable Jeans into the proverbial fire… or at the very least the Good Will bag!

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