Oh Colorado, You need to step up your game!

Come on Colorado are you serious?

I don’t know if you remember from previous posts, Colorado made a small debut in my blog a little while ago. I met Colorado on the dating website, he’s good looking, charming in a way, a little country and kind of fun, we went out to dinner one night (totally spontaneous and not planned). He was laid back and pretty casual. There was nothing about the date to get excited about, but there was nothing to complaing about either. After that he would call me, email me, text me, but he’s never asked me out again. I even said something to him about it once and he responded by telling me that he will be asking me out so to “lock it up”. That was really the last time that I had a real converstaion with him. The ball is in his court. I am not going to chase after him.

If he is not interested, that is really okay. I don’t think that everyone is going to fall in love with me and I certainly am not going to fall in love with everyone. It doesn’t change how I feel about myself or affect my self esteem. So, don’t do me any favors by pretending to be interested.

My annoyance at this point in time is that I am not going to be a faux girlfriend. He doesn’t get to call and talk to me about his day and and have conversations with me that one would have with someone that they have established some sort of relationship with and not take me out or spend any time with me. It just doesn’t work that way. Show some sort of initiative OR establish that you are just looking for a pen pal. Someone to talk to when you have something to talk about and there isn’t anyone to call. Give me the option to say yes I am okay with that or no I am not interested in being just someone you talk to when there isn’t anyone else.

Why bring this up? Well… I pull up my emails at work this morning and there is an email from him. “Good morning young lady. How are you this FINE Tuesday morning in June??”… (there was more, but the rest had to do with work Really???? You are kidding me right? I haven’t heard from you in over a week, you don’t know how to ask me out, you send me an email like hearing from you is a normal thing AND THEN YOU SHOW UP AT MY WORK acting like I should be elated to see YOU!!! Oh hell no!!! I guess I have to give the guy credit. He did say that it was his lucky day because he got to see me and he is totally right with that, but seriously… quit dragging your feet and make a decision. Are you going to ask me out or leave me alone? At this point, I am pretty sure that I will not go out of my way to make time to go out with you Colorado. I need a man who knows how to be masculine, knows what he wants and goes after it!


One thought on “Oh Colorado, You need to step up your game!

  1. Ewwww!!! I agree completely, step up your game or leave the court! Everything about this would make any man unattractive and a lot less charming, cute, whatever. Why, oh why do some men do this?

    But seriously his loss, move on to the next one… OH! and tell him to quit sending inappropriate emails to your work account, that’s not the place for it (and could be a conflict of interest).

    xoxox – The BFF

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