The quest is still on…

I am sad that I have not had to opportunity to blog. I am still here and I still have plenty to say. I am still searching and I am still desiring.

Sunday’s message was an incredible one. It always is, but this week was about fathers day and honoring masculinity. Our pastor spoke a lot on men’s responsibility and it was so much of what I have said that I am looking for in a man. I do fully want the protector, the man who will chase after me, the man who will challenge me to serve more because he is out serving me. I intend to elaborate more on that this weekend, but I just want to say that it has me thinking. I have high standards already, but there are some standards I may need to tweak a bit.

So, recently the question was asked “any more dates?” … The answer actually is No. I have been so busy with work, but more importantly I think I am really into nameless.

Many years ago, I adopted a no boyfriend policy (that policy is still in effect). My thought has been that I need to date and get to know people. Discover what I want and don’t want in a husband. At some point I figure I just won’t want to date anyone else because I will want to spend all of my time with one person, but until whomever that person is and I decide that forever is our future, I think the door needs to remain open for either one of us to explore an interest that may come our way. So… with that said: I really enjoy spending time with nameless and have forgotten to check the dating website to see if there are any messages. Thinking about it, I am even forgetting to look at men. Hmmmm…. Problem? Kind of yes and kind of no. Yes because I do not know this guy at all really. We have only been dating for a couple of weeks, but for now, I am really enjoying him. He is kind and thoughtful and there but not in an obnoxious way. He has just the right amount of contact but not too much. He will text me throughout the day, but not expect a response or bug me if I don’t give one. He is sensitive to the stress that I have been under and even sent me flowers to work. Now, I am NOT a flower girl. I think they are a waste of money, but these are so pretty and they really did brighten up my day. He was out of town for work, I have been having a rough week, I walked in from court (for work) stressed and there were these amazing flowers on my desk with a very thoughtful card! He scored big points!!!!

I like this guy… Not sure if he is the one because there is so much more to learn and know, but he is doing pretty darn good so far.

More to come this weekend…


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