Absolutely perfect night…

     This was seriously a perfect night. I was a little disgruntled initially as maintenance emergency made its debut just as I was about to leave work, combined with my lovely back that is hurting in a horrible way from falling at work (that was entertaining), but it didn’t seem to negatively impact the night.

     Before going out, I thought if I was planning out my night I would plan on a quick dinner followed by either browsing Barnes &  Noble or driving out somewhere that we could enjoy the quiet of the night and see the stars. I really knew that I needed a low key evening with no pressure or need to be anything other than mellow and relaxed. I wasn’t sure what the night had to hold, but either way I was looking forward to the time I was going to have with nameless and the opportunity to get to know him more.

     It turned out that I had a great time. It couldn’t have been more perfect. We started the evening out with dinner at Paradise Bakery. After dinner we grabbed some coffee and then we went to a nearby park and just sat and talked while drinking coffee and enjoying the night. It was great. There was a lake right there and we watched the ducks. Nameless had brought a game along that was a bunch of questions and although we didn’t get through many of them, we did get through some. I enjoyed it. Eventually the sprinklers came on not too far from us, so we decided to walk around the park for a bit. After a while, a cold glass of water was in order, so off we went. Our trip to get water turned into my desire for an ice cold beer. I am not sure where that came from, but all of a sudden… It sounded SO good. We ended up at Native New Yorker.

     Native New Yorker was an experience and it was surprisingly a lot of fun. There was karaoke (we did not participate) which is always humorous. I can’t say there were any amazing singers, but grandma was there. Not my grandma, but somebody’s. She was probably the best of them all. She was definitely a good conversation piece.

     Somehow, while at Native, we got into playing words with friends and hanging with friends while sitting next to each other. I have to say, it is much more fun to play with the person right next to you. I couldn’t stop laughing. It was funny and absolutely the best to see his reactions when I score 50 points with a 3 letter word. I will remember that reaction when he is in another country next week and I am accidentally beating him in every game that we play.

     Eventually and unfortunately the night had to come to an end. He drove me home. We sat and talked for a brief moment and then he kissed me goodnight. I may even rethink my no boyfriend policy. I mean I really hate the word boyfriend as an adult, so maybe we can keep that word out of my vocabulary still, but I can see the possibility of not seeing anyone else for quite some time. Hopefully forever?

     I really enjoy nameless. I get bored or annoyed so easily. I am not very tolerant of people. I am an expert at finding something that bothers me about a person and focusing on that until I can’t stand to be around the person any more. At times I am really good at finding something quickly. Nameless is no different. When I am not around him, I can think of a few things that I could allow to bother me. They aren’t things that should bother me, but that is what I do. I find things and when I can’t find things, I make something little into something. However, when I am with him, I forget that I am looking for something to bother me. I am comfortable with him. I actually laugh and I just enjoy the time. I am not sure how to express it other than to say, I really am into nameless.

     Time of course will tell everything. Days, weeks or even months from now, I could discover that he just isn’t for me. It is also entirely possible that he may decide that I am not for him. The alternative to that is that neither one of those things would happen and this quest that I began could come to a quick end and the next chapter of my life could start. I am not going to pretend that the thought of that is not exciting because it is. I would love for it to be this easy.

1. Decide that I am ready to find a husband.

2. Sign up for dating website.

3. Go on a couple of mediocre dates.

4. Go on a bad date.

5. Start blog.

6. Find husband.

That would be perfect. I would be overjoyed to see that as my story.

     Nameless leaves on Sunday for 2 weeks. He will be out of the country for business. I am interested to see how those 2 weeks will be. Fortunately, I will still be able to hear from him. Unfortunately I won’t be able to see him. Will I be as excited for him to be back as I was when he got back from his most recent business trip? Hmmmm…. Stay tuned to find out.


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