OH NO!!! I think I may have become that person. I have always been the girl that when you say you have to get off of the phone, I say okay good bye. Nothing else needs to be said, you have to go. Well, Nameless… even though he is out of the country, he has been calling me (which I totally enjoy). He will say something like “Well lady, I am going to go and finish…” and then I find myself saying “okay have a great night/day, good luck with…” and then I keep talking! I hear myself thinking that I need to stop talking, but I just can’t seem to do it. What is wrong with me? I guess nothing is wrong with me, I am probably like the rest of the population now, I am just not accustomed to not being that way and really, I just don’t want to have to wait another 12 hours until I get to talk to him again, so I just don’t want the conversation to end.

So, remember my blog about the no boyfriend thing because I like to keep my options open so that I am not missing an opportunity if the person I am with is not Mr. Right? After tonight, I feel even stronger about that.

I went out with someone tonight and although I did enjoy myself, I enjoy Nameless so much more. I am glad that I went out with someone else and that I am not just saying I like this person so I am going to only see him. I need to see what is out there. I will either like this person more and more with each date I go on both with him and with others or I will find that there is something different out there for me. It was good.


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