San Francisco!!!

I AM SO EXCITED!!!! As I have said, Nameless has been out of the county. While he is gone I should be out with people and keeping this dating scene going, but I have to be honest, I just don’t want to. I really like this guy.

It is kind of a challenge to fully comprehend just how far away he is. Technology is incredible. I know he is across the ocean. I know that he is in some country whose language I cannot speak. I know there is no chance of seeing him before Friday, but he feels so close with how much we are able to communicate and talk. I just can’t even imagine how it was back in the stagecoach days or the days when we wrote letters and waited for the person to get it and write us back. Now, it is instant. An email or a text and seconds later the communication is there. I LOVE IT!!!! AND… The phone calls. Really? Once upon a time it was like a small fortune to call someone who is in another state let alone another country. This is beautiful.

Okay, so during one of mine and Nameless conversations about what we were going to do when he got back to Arizona,  I had made a comment about flying to San Diego. Well, the converstaion ended up with us making plans for him to extend his layover in San Francisco and me flying out to meet him! Yay!! I am going on a mini vacation to Northern California where it is 40 degree’s cooler than where I am. Who can beat that? How random and unpredictable. It has been forever since I just randomly said “Yeah, let’s do that” to going out of town. How much more fun to say that my date is in San Francisco when I don’t even live in California. Completely awesome! I am so excited and he just went up on the I really like you scale which was pretty high already. I don’t do the 9 letter word (b-o-y-f-r-i-e-n-d), but I think this is pretty much as close as I will get. For now anyway. 😉

Now, what do I wear on the plane out there? What do I bring to wear when I am there? How light do I pack? We are there less than 24 hours, I really don’t need much. I should be able to put everything in a back pack, but… I am GIRL!!! I NEED OPTIONS! He is MAN he doesn’t even care. I need to pack so that it looks like I am packing light, but I have choices and everything that I need. Yikes, how will I accomplish this? I guess I have a week to figure it out. I know it will be cold (for me anyway) so Jeans are good and really, who needs more than one pair of jeans for 1 day right? Decisions. I must make them.

So, tonight… I am going to go to sleep and dream about Ghiradelli chocolate and a walk on the peir. I am going to dream about clam chowder and trolly’s. A walk on the beach and conversation. More time to get to know each other outside of our comfort zones and a plane ride home…*screech* This is weird. Really it is. I am pretty sure I have lost my mind to fly out to another state to meet a man that I have only known for a month on a day trip just because I said I wanted to go to the beach and he happened to have a lay over in Northern California. Shrug… You only live once and hey, I will at least get a story out of it.


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