4th of July


Today is a good day. I love holidays. Sleeping in, slow morning, time with the kids. It is a nice break from the norm of life. My morning consisted of waking up, relaxing around the house and then deciding to head out to Superstition Farm (my favorite place in the world). We ended up getting rained on which was fun and then we headed home for some more relaxing before the festivities begin. Barbeque with friends tonight. 🙂

There is something about holidays that make cooking enjoyable. I like to make things and putts around in the kitchen. Maybe because that is what my mom used to do and it is comforting.

Today, I can’t help but to think that there is something missing. My person. I am ready for that in my life and when that feeling comes over me, it still takes me by surprise. I am not sure what it was that triggered that desire to be a part of a team instead of a solo member, but something did and every now and then it is so strong.

It is always interesting when I think about it. I have options. There are a few people that all I have to do is say the word and I could change my facebook status to “in a relationship”. As ready as I am, I am not desperate and I want to make sure that I am with the right person. I want the best for me and the best for my kids. I am not looking for a facebook status, I am looking for the most amazing life that I can have!

I feel like I am in a place of change and reprioritizing. I feel the need to give up the corporate world and do something that I have a passion for and something that I will enjoy. I have been thinking for a while though that I need to trade in my big house for something small and reasonable. I want to enjoy life to its fullest. Years ago when I lived in a one bedroom apartment with my daughter, I so enjoyed life. There was nothing pretentious. Just life. I am not sure I appreciated it at the time, but looking back… It was good. Material items don’t make life happy. A big house that is perfectly decorated and spotless does not create joy. When I am “grown up” and have lived my life, my belongings are not what I want to be talking about. I want to talk about and reminisce about life, relationships, friends and memories.

Memories will be made and my person is out there waiting to make them with me. 😉


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