Have you ever had those seasons in life where you feel untouchable? Like you can walk on water and it really doesn’t matter who tells you that you can’t because you believe that you can? The season where you just sit back and enjoy because although you want to believe that it can last forever, history has told you that it won’t? Well, I am in one of those seasons. I feel unstoppable. Everything in life seems to have it’s place. Life seems to be moving in an upwards directions. Things feel good!

I was “working” today and I had a moment where I just wanted to stop and laugh. I mean 2 weeks ago, I was entrenched in the thick of stress. Life could not have felt more hopeless. My job felt impossible and I wanted so badly to make the turn and see things look up. That was not the case unfortunately and I was let go. That seems like such a devestating thing when you hear a person say that they have lost their job. I am sorry is usually the response given. Not for me… I said thank you as I walked out the door. I never shed a tear or felt any level of anxiety. I felt such a huge burden lifted and ever since that happened, the sun has been shining and doors have been opening. Now, I am scooping Ice cream with friends and there is not a care in the world.

I started school this week and thought I would be looking at a minimum of 2 years until I graduated. Well, that is not the case. I had so many credits that transferred over that I am going to be finished in a year and 5 months! That is beautiful news.

So, I have this no stress thing, the opportunity to spend every day with incredible people and the school news! What more could there be? … OH RIGHT!! Nameless! He is just one more addition to my currently superb life. He makes everything brigher and better. He isn’t over the top. He is just him.  We have had some pretty great times over the last few days. The 24 hour getaway, a day with the kids on Sunday, Monday evening I spent with friends, but on Tuesday we took his daughter and my boys out, tonight we had dinner and then walked around the christian book store. Life seems normal when I am with him. Like I imagine life should be. He fits well within my dream currently. I like knowing when my day is going to end with him in it. I hope to someday find out what it would be like to have my day begin with him as well. There is so much more to get to know and so much more I want to know, but if this is the way it stays, I would be ecstatic to say that this is the end of the road. My search consisted of only a handful of dates before I found the one. That would be pretty incredible. I guess God will tell me how this story ends when he is ready.


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