Let me start by saying that life has been AWESOME as of late!!! Getting let go from a crazy stressful job that I thought I loved until I wasn’t there anymore has been the best thing that can happen to me! It has given me the opportunity to do that thing that I forgot to do and to ENJOY LIFE!!! I am a much better person right now. In fact, last night I stopped to enjoy the moment of realizing that I had a long day yet I still came home, cooked dinner and cleaned (not that you could tell by the time we left this morning, but who cares). I haven’t been done that in forever. Usually I come home and I am so tired that the only thing I want to do is nothing. No more my friends! I am committed to living my life for the Lord and enjoying the blessings that he provides for me.

This definitely does not stop my quest. If anything it makes it even more amazing. I am much more fun and I enjoy myself so much more! I have finally had time, okay… let me be truthful… I am finally making time to spend with Jesus. It is great. I am really enjoying the “Live Beautifully” study that I am doing and now I am going to be able to start going to bible study. I love this life!

So, my “yikes” moment… Nameless and I make our way to dinner this evening and as we are sitting there minding our own business having the beginning of an enjoyable evening, in walks Old Comfortable Jeans. Now, this isn’t really a big deal except for the momentary “oh no, what do I do?”. I mean was I supposed to get up and say hi? Should I ignore him completely and pretend that I didn’t see him even though he knows good and well that I did? I chose to to get up and say hi. Not only did I say hi, I introduced Nameless to him. I must say, Nameless is a pretty cool. He didn’t even flinch. He was totally comfortable and confident in us (or at least he acted that way). Anyone who knows me knows that there is no way in the world that I would ever keep my mouth shut and play things cool. I am a vessel for unwanted knowledge. I spilled it all… Okay, not all. I just said who Old Comfortable Jeans was, in the most vague way possible of course. It went something like this… “Um… that is… Old Comfortable Jeans. From my blog”. I guess it didn’t really bother him or make a difference because as I am typing away, he is sitting here on my left fixing my other computer. He came over and fixed the windshield wiper on my car which I won’t need for another 200 years and then fixed both of my computers. The one I am working on now hasn’t worked in over 2 years! I even took it to Best Buy and paid them to tell me that they couldn’t do anything. Within an hour this awesome thing was working perfectly… Hey Best Buy, can I have my money back? I am feeling used right now.

Anyway, this has been a fun day full of surprises and enjoyable things. I am absolutely blissful at this moment! Life is great… even when bad things are in it.

Good night fellow readers, I am going to get some beauty sleep. I have another long and absolutely divine day ahead of me tomorrow!


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