So, I know that I just posted a moment ago, but I am sitting here eating the best ice cream in Arizona (thank you Udder Delights) and thinking about things. Oh and I am messaging Nameless which is always an enjoyable event in my day… Anyways, so what I was thinking about…Nameless. I mean why wouldn’t I be thinking about him when I am messaging him.

My sister has said that she looks a few times a day to see if I had posted because she wants to know EVERYTHING about nameless. So, little sister, this blog is for you. 😉

I am not sure I can get everything in, and I am not even going to try, but let me say this. OMG!!! He is incredible. I have dated quite a few men in my day. Some have been pretty okay and some have been less than awesome. I have had too many of them profess their undying love for me and try to convince me that they are my forever. I have had men tell me that God told them that we are to be together and men who have said that I will never find one who will treat me any better than they would. I have NEVER had a man SHOW me that he is someone that I should invest my time in. Men are quick to tell me things, buy me flowers and gifts, take me out, introduce me to their friends and family, but SHOW me????… I wouldn’t even have understood what that meant until Nameless. The best part about it is that I don’t even think that he thinks about it. I really believe that it is just who he is and I am so blown away by it.

So, last week I told you about him coming over after dinner to fix the windshield wiper on my car and that he fixed the computer that I am currently typing on that hasn’t worked for 2 years and that best buy said they couldn’t fix. That night, he also fixed my trunk (it wouldn’t stay up on it’s own because something was broken) and the next day when I got in my car, I saw that he had filled my gas tank. I think he did more in 4 hours than any man has ever done for me in my life and I didn’t even ask or suggest that it get done. I was content with the brokenness of my car and computer.

Thursday of last week. Nameless asked me out on an official date. I thought that was great, he very easily could have said something simple like do you want to go to dinner tomorrow, but no… He said “can I take you on a date”. I like that. That felt pretty good. Well then Friday comes along and I got to get a little dressed up. Well, I wore heels any way, and I was thrilled because even in 4″ heels, he was still taller than me! SCORE!!! We went to dinner and then walked around the shopping center, got coffee and then he brought me home since we both had early mornings on Saturday. It was a good night. We did a lot of talking and we did a lot of laughing. He is fun to be with… Oh and (mom, don’t read this part) we did a little bit of kissing too which was really great!

Then on Saturday after both of our busy days, he came over and fixed the boys train table that I bought them for Christmas, but they haven’t been able to play with it for a while because the drawers were broken and the table part was not even so the train tracks wouldn’t stay together. He got the material and just did it. I cooked dinner that night which was awful (Ragu will not be purchased again), but he pretended that it was not bad. Although I knew better, I definitely appreciated his ability to lie for my benefit.

Sunday, he picked us up for church because we were going to a baseball game afterwards. He is comfortable to be with. He makes it easy. Anyway, so after church, we talked with some people and then headed off to the game. The game was fun. The boys were easy and enjoyable and we stayed for the whole thing. After the game we waited in line for the boys to have a chance to run the bases and then off we went. Homeward bound. This is the part that I get a little moody and this is where the last post came from. We got home after a perfect day. Actually after a perfect weekend and what do I do? I get quiet and moody and I decide that I need some alone time, so I tell him thank you for a great weekend, but you have got to go! WHAT?!?!?!?! Have I lost my mind? What was I thinking? Really? Ask him to leave? What was the purpose? Clearly I am in serious need of some prozac or something, but whatever. He did and he was sweet about it. I turned off my phone and took my mental health evening and when we talked again he was amazing and kind and said that he completely understood and that he wasn’t bothered by it at all! Um… keeper?… It is looking that way.

So Monday comes and goes, today he shows up at my door a little after 9 with some coffee. YES HE DELIVERED COFFEE!!! This isn’t the first time either. This time he actually rang the doorbell and said hi because it was late enough that his chances of me being awake were good and we had been texting so he knew that I was not dead to the world, but in weeks past, he has left coffee and a note on my front door step, he has left coffee and a scone on my door step, he has left just coffee! This would really seem like not such a big deal if he lived a mile or two down the road, but he doesn’t. He has to go out of his way to bring me coffee. Granite I am right by a freeway, but not the quickest or the best freeway for him to use! I am just amazed.

I guess the thing about Nameless that stands out from any of the others is not that he does things for me. They all have done things for me. It isn’t that he takes me out, because they all have taken me out. It isn’t that he is nice or that he goes out of his way specifically, it is that everything he does is something that I enjoy or something that I like. He doesn’t do things just to do them, he does things because he knows that I will enjoy them and that I will feel cared for and appreciated. I am definitely in awe of the thoughtfulness, the way that he does things because they need to be done, the gentle way in which he lets me know he is around, the beautiful way that he allows me to be me and moody and dramatic without taking it personally, the way that he just listens to my silliness and laughs with me and mostly, I am blown away by how thoughtful and aware he is of what it takes to make me feel important and cared for without feeling smothered. He is a great man. I am enjoying him more and more with every day that passes by. For a man to do as much as he does and to be as visible in my life as he is without me feeling claustrophobic or trying to run for the hills is really and truly amazing. As much as I want to begin and end each day with someone, the last thing I want is to begin and end it with just anyone. I am always looking for the red flags. I am always trying to find the thing that gives me an opportunity to walk out the door. I am really afraid of allowing the wrong person in my life and sometimes that makes me push people away without really getting to know them. For Nameless to not prompt that response in me is honestly an incredible thing.


2 thoughts on “Ahhhhhmazing!!!!

  1. Wow! This guy sounds great. 🙂
    I hope that he appreciates what a beautiful and amazing daughter of God you truly are. Your journey and quest to grow closer to God and become a wife and woman to be cherished and honored are noble and precious.
    I hope he sincerely appreciates the genuine love and priority that you have for your children. That is a gift bestowed upon you that is often rare in today’s families.
    I hope he sincerely appreciates your wit, humor and even sarcasm. I hope he appreciates how you constantly make him smile and laugh, and even catch him off-guard in only the best ways.
    I hope he sincerely appreciates your beautiful smile and eyes that sparkle and can draw a man in like none other.
    I sincerely hope that his heart always skips a beat every time you walk in the room.
    I hope he sincerely appreciates the way that you make him feel like more than the sum of the combined parts. That with you 1+1 equals so much more than 2.
    Lastly, I hope he never forgets that he is truly blessed and fortunate to know you!

    He sounds like a pretty good guy, as long as he recognizes some of these. 😉

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