A Perfect Moment

I have a vivid imagination. I conjure up stories in my mind all of the time. I play out scenes that I would like to be in my life constantly. There is always a story playing in my head. Tonight was not a made up story in my head. Tonight was as real as anything, but it was exactly like something that I would play in my head. It was short and perfect and unexpected, but absolutely perfect.

Nameless takes my breathe away constantly. He still brings me coffee some mornings (more than some but less than every) and this morning there was a scone to go with it. He randomly will send me a text with some great message like “thinking of you” or “Psst. You are one amazing, intelligent, beautifully sexy woman. I am so lucky and proud just to know you” or a smile or something encouraging if he knows I am about to deal with something I don’t want to deal with. Every one of those things are amazing. Everything with him is wonderful and not in an over the top way, but in a just right way. He is genuine and kind and not perfect, but perfectly wonderful for me. 

Tonight, we both went to a small group. Our church calls them d-groups. This was the first one Nameless had gone to, so he was not only going to one of our churches men’s group for the first time, but with men he doesn’t know. The fact that he chose to do that on his own was incredibly beautiful to me and right there I had a new respect for him and of course it made me like him that much more.

The part that made tonight short, perfect and unexpected was getting a text from him asking if I could talk to him out front for a moment and when I walked out of my house he gave me the biggest hug, lifted me off of the ground, kissed me and sincerely thanked me for being me and being an amazing woman. That was it. That was all he wanted to tell me and then he left to go home. 

I am really enjoying this chapter of my life. Nameless warms my heart. Everything in my life is up in the air, yet everything feels like it is exactly where it belongs. I feel like I have clarity and like I am embarking on the best season of my life to date and I absolutely enjoy every moment of it. I am looking forward to watching how my life continues to unfold and how God works in my life and the lives of those around me. God is good and this is fun.


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