Sometimes, I just want to shake myself. My last blog was exactly how I felt at the moment. Original caught me off guard on a night where I was beyond worn down emotionally and mentally… I guess I could say physically too. I was beat. The day had taken it’s toll. Thinking about things in a state of rest or maybe I should just say a moment when I am not so worn down that the next thought I have is painful, makes me want to shake myself for even allowing the thought cross my mind! Jeopardize Nameless for a chance to see where things could go with Original? What was I thinking. Original has always left me wondering. I never know where he is at mentally and I have never felt important to him. He is one incredible man. He has a heart of gold and is loving and passionate in all that he does. Pre-Nameless, I would have dropped everything I had going on in my life for Original. I would not have given it a second thought if he said that he was ready. This isn’t pre-Namelss any longer and I am not  willing to drop everything. I am not even willing to drop anything.


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