Order Please

I wish there was an order form! You know, you meet someone and the first couple of  months are always great. They are loads of fun and it is exciting getting to know the person. Everyone is generally on their best behavior and the fun clouds your judgement and puts a film over your eyes so that you can only see what they want you to see… or maybe you only see what you want to see. Either way, it is enjoyable. The fantasies of forever float around and happiness is everywhere. Thoughts of forever start to fill the air and there is no comprehension of these moments ever being anything other than wonderful all of the time. Logically you know that there will be bumps and things won’t be perfect, but in those first few months you know that you can overcome that because things are so wonderful. Then It happens! What happens I don’t know, but It happens. There is no question about It. It hits like a huge thud! It may be an action on your part, their part of both parts. It may be character flaw that you see or something a friend says. No matter which method It comes, It comes. It always shows up. The question is just how big is It? Is It something that you can handle? Is It just a bump in the road, or a break in the road? It is always one or the other. Then you have to decide how long to deal with It before giving the shape up or ship out notice. Does the shape up or ship out notice turn into an eviction notice? How long is the notice period? 

That is what I have been going through the last week. I have sat with an absolute sick pit in my stomach that I have explained away as other things, but really it had to do with It. It arrived and I personally don’t like It. It and I have issues. It try’s to creep in and make things messy. This time It wins. Actually It wins every time. I am looking forward the day that I win and leave It in the dust, but that day is not today. 

I had a thought… I need an order form! I need to be able to list out EXACTLY what I want and turn it in. Hand it over to the cook and say make this for me please. I do not expect the final results to give me eternal happiness without ever a hiccup or a bump, but I do expect the final product to be EXACTLY what I need, desire and crave. As I am mentally checking off all of the things that I am looking for, well actually when I checked off the very first thing, I realized something. I CAN PLACE MY ORDER! I can give my order to the one and only, to Jesus. He IS crafting the perfect someone for me. He already knows what my order is before I hand it to him, but some things take longer to cook than others. Some things take more effort and more steps. While Jesus is creating my perfect order, he is also working on and refining me because I too am being made to order. I will be EXACTLY what my husband ordered and he will be EXACTLY what I ordered. My only responsibilities in this is to be willing to allow God to mold me, be obedient and be patient. I can do that. 

I have placed my order. I am a princess and I am waiting for my Prince. At the top of my order form, I have checked Man of God. That is the most important ingredient that I am looking for. There are more to bring out the quality and flavor that I am craving, but Man of God is the key ingredient. Now, I sit back and wait while Jesus prepares my future husband and I to be perfect for each other. When that happens, It won’t even make me bat an eye. It will be a non issue in our lives. It will no longer be able to taint the batch and the final product will not need to be thrown out because It will have been refined just enough to be an ingredient that enhances the final product.

Let the Quest continue…


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