Damsel in Distress???

     Have you ever had one of those days? You know, the ones where within the first few minutes of being awake, you know that your best course of action would be to go back to bed and avoid the day all together? That was how my day started. I just knew that leaving my house was probably the worst mistake I could make today, but I had to.

     It wasn’t really a day full of disaster, it was just one of those days where I felt like I was climbing up hill and could not find a look out point. The kids fought all morning. I couldn’t find socks for one of my kids. My youngest was unhappy with his shoes because suddenly they hurt. As a result we were running late so instead of my normal route I had to take my oldest son to school first so he wouldn’t be late and then back track to take my youngest and then turn right back around and go where I had just come from to go into the store. Before going into the store I stopped to get coffee. I order, drive to the window, go to pull out my debit card and sure enough it wasn’t there. I had left it at home. That was the first moment of the day where I was pretty sure I was going to cry, but the amazing woman in the drive through gifted me the coffee and told me not to worry about it. I got all of the change I had in the car which was 1/2 of what I needed for the coffee and gave it to the woman, thanked her with great appreciation and went into the store with a list of things to do and a plan for my day. 

     First thing on my agenda was to get things together for this business expo that I was going to. I was excited. I was hoping for some great opportunities and hoping to make some money. I sat down at a table with the laptop and my planner. I opened up the page and discovered that I had read the time wrong yesterday. The event wasn’t at 1 it was at 11 and I had to be set up by 10:30. Ugh… my entire schedule had to shift. I put the computer and planner away, gathered all of the things that I needed, got a few things ready that I absolutely had to take care of before going to the event, loaded up my car and off I went. I managed to get all of my morning duties completed and make it to the event with just enough time to set up. It wasn’t as profitable as I had hoped, but I broke even, so I won’t complain. 

     So, let me just say this… all of this is intensified for me because when I was in Napa 2 weeks ago, I hurt my foot. It isn’t getting better, it is getting worse. I have the most horrible, constant throbbing pain that starts in my foot and goes all the way up my thigh. Medicine is not helping and really every day is a challenge because I walk all of the time, so most of this stuff would probably not be a big deal if I didn’t have this major constant uncomfortable pain going on. 

     Okay, back to the story. The next hours were okay. Aside from my foot hurting it was pretty good. I unloaded things at the store, stuck around there for a little bit and then I headed to the gym to watch my youngest sons gymnastics session. I got there and as I do every time I get out of my car, I put my key ring with too many keys on it under my seat, grabbed the key ring that has 3 keys on it, one of which is my car key, locked the doors and went into the gym with nothing but my keys and phone. When class was over, we walked out to my car and I went to get in and realized THE KEY WAS NOT ON THE KEY RING!!!!!!!!! UGH!!! I checked all of my pockets hoping the key or key fob was in them. I came up empty. Nothing but a receipt was in my pockets. It was true, I had locked myself out of my car!! If you know me, you will know that this is not an uncommon event for me, but I have not done this in probably about 9 months now. Maybe even closer to a year, but not quite a year which I know because I called AAA and they told me that I had reached my lock out maximum for the year and that it would be $65. Unamused I declined service and called Verizon to find out if I added roadside assistance would they come out the same day to which the very kind customer service rep told me yes. AWESOME!!! I was so happy. I added roadside assistance, called the number I was given and asked them to come and get my keys out of my car. NO CAN DO!!! They told me that there is a 2 day waiting period, but I could pay $65. ARE YOU KIDDING ME????  {Deep Breath} I text my ex husband who had the kids and he gave me his AAA number. So, I call back claiming to be him and they tell me that the membership has expired and it will be $83 dollars to renew the membership. {Deep Breath, Deeper Breath} I am pretty desperate at this point so I text my dad and Nameless. Neither one of them think they are able to “break into” my car so my dad had me call his mechanic to have him send a tow truck and bill my dad. PERFECT… I am back in the game, or so I thought. The freakin’ mechanic didn’t answer his phone. I feel that ball of emotion that has been welling up getting closer and closer to breaking free. I was trying hard to tame it and keep it locked up, but it really wanted to escape.

     Nameless offered to pay for a tow truck, but I had one last idea before taking him up on that offer. I contacted my friend the police officer. I really didn’t want to do this for many reasons, but mainly because I ALWAYS run to him when I have a problem and I am really trying to not be the DAMSEL IN DISTRESS. He informs me that the department took the lock picking kit from the officers because too many people were complaining about their cars getting scratched. Ugh! Now I knew that I was going to lose it. Emotion was right there. It was threatening to take over and I was losing control UNTIL… My blessing from God entered the picture. The man sitting next to me the whole time listening to the many phone calls and at this point desperate attempts to get help. He opens his wallet, hands me $75 and tells me that he has had some good and bad times in his life and right now is a good time. He asked me to take the money and to call a lock smith and not to ask questions because he wasn’t going to let me pay him back. {enter emotion}

     I sat in shock for a moment as I watched the man walk away and through the doors of the gym. He turned around and said “I will be here until 7:30 if you need anything else”. I couldn’t believe it. I picked up my phone, looked at my car and couldn’t believe my eyes. There was a AAA truck! I hobbled over on my ever painful foot and asked the man why he was there. AAA told me they couldn’t dispatch anyone without payment. He said “I don’t know, they just dispatched me”. Okay, I accept. I asked the man how much he was charging me and he looked at me and said “I am not going to charge you. This one is on me” {Jaw drops to the ground} After an hour of dead ends I just had 2 blessings in a matter of minutes. The AAA guy unlocked my car. After thanking the man, I grabbed the keys that would get me into my car and walked in the gym to find the man who was so generous. I found him and thanked him and told him that I was not charged. He asked me if I needed the money and I told him thank you, but I would have some money tomorrow (I forgot to mention that I have 0.86 to my name). The man insisted that I take $10 and told me to go and buy dinner. I thanked him, told him he was a blessing and I left.

     I happily went and picked up my kids. As soon as they got in the car I remembered that I needed to pick up a prescription for my oldest son, so we headed to the pharmacy. I was beat at this point, but feeling a little bit of a high after the awesome blessings of the evening. I got to the pharmacy and the lady tells me that it is $7.50 and at that moment I realized that if I had not locked my keys in the car and had all of the dead ends, that blessing of a man would not have given me $10 and I would not have been able to get my sons prescription. 

     I finally get home feeling spent after my day of uphill battles. I went to use the bathroom and out of my pocket falls my key fob. I seriously had checked my pockets. Like pulling the pockets out kind of checking. That key fob WAS NOT in my pocket a couple of hours before. It was at that moment that I sighed a breath of relief. God had taken care of me today. Today was a day that He was a very obvious Knight in Shining Armor caring for His Damsel in Distress. You see, my blessings were abundant today. There were quite a few obvious provisions throughout the day, but the one that touched me beyond measure was the process I went through with my car. God could have made things easy. The key fob could have just been in my pocket, but it wasn’t and I found myself at many dead ends, but with all of the dead ends I did not once lose my cool or my get mean with anyone. I remained calm and silently prayed. I knew I needed help on this one. It resulted in a man blessing me by offering to pay for a tow truck. The $75 that he gave me ultimately only was $10, however that $10 was what I needed to get my son his medicine. I am sure that there could have been a more simple way for God to provide for me, but this way was sweet. It was so clear that God was carrying me. He gave me exactly what I needed at the moment that I needed it. He knew my need and He provided. 

     God provided more than just a financial need, but a reminder that He is in my court. He loves me and he is going to provide for me. Right now, He is my husband and He is all that I need. When the time is right, he will provide my earthly husband who will love and adore me. 

I am blessed beyond measure!

Mathew 6:26 “Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?”

Luke 12:24 “Consider the ravens: They do not sow or reap, they have no storeroom or barn; yet God feeds them. And how much more valuable you are than birds!”

Isaiah 54:5 “For your Maker is your husband, the Lord of hosts is his name; and the Holy One of Israel is your Redeemer, the God of the whole earth he is called.”


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