Dear Crush…

Dear Crush,

Although I thoroughly enjoy thinking about you I kind of want you to get out of my head and into my life. We have know about each other for a while now and we play this game that needs to come to an end. I know that I have dated other people and so have you, but can we stop all of this? You are consuming my thoughts and even though I try to dismiss them you keep popping up. Every time I have it under control you show up and do or say something that unleashes the thoughts again.

I know that there are some things that do not make us perfect, but there are other things that do. I am not sure what moving things from thoughts to reality look like, but I think I am ready to find out. Are you?

It would be nice to know if you can be my future or if you will just be a friend for life. When will we give in and allow the flirting and conversation to become our reality?




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