I need a husband!!!

That’s it, today I need a husband. I don’t like dealing with cars. That’s a man’s job, so I need a husband. My car is being emotional and I am sure it has nothing to do with the fact that I have not been keeping up the regular maintenance on it. I am sure it would not be a result of me not having regular oil changes and whatever else I am supposed to do with it. Cars are just supposed to work right? Kind of like my health, I feel like I can just believe all is well and it will be well. I know my husband would just take my car and service it without ever telling me and as far as I would know, my car would just be working. So, today I need a husband.

Most days I am patient. Most days I know that God’s timing is best. At this moment…I WANT MY HUSBAND!!!!!!

Emotional moment over… now back to my day.


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