Single and waiting

“I’m single & NOT ready to mingle. I’m single & waiting for my husband. I’m living life, seeking God, & fulfilling my purpose in Christ. There is more to life. It’s all aout bringing Glory to the King on the throne. <3" ~Hannah Elizabeth Staggs

I love this girl. I only know her from social media, but she is one encouraging, God loving, Spirit filled girl. She says things so well. I could not help but to blog about her Facebook post. I could not have said it better myself. I am single, but mingling isn't really my thing. I would not say no to dating all together, but nothing good can come from dating distraction, trust me I have tried it. In fact, distraction texts me at random times. Just about the time I think that I won't hear from him again, his name pops up on my phone, but you know what that does? Nothing special. It takes away from my sleep and it takes away from my God time. Grrr… Not amused with myself when I entertain it. Mingling can be entertaining, but not something I really am interested in.

I am single and I most certainly am waiting for MY husband othewise this blog would not be what this blog is :-).

I am living life by seeking God and working on fulfilling my purpose in Chist. I am learning how to seek him, hear him and be lead by him. I am not and will never be perfect, but slowly I am being refined, molded, changed and made beautiful. I sparkle and shine, and sometimes I need to be re-cleaned and polished, and that is okay because it is all to bring glory to the King.

I am so excited to see where he takes me. I know that his plans are great. I know that his plans for my life will play out the way that he wants them to. Lives will be changed through the things that I have experienced in my life. God is good and I am so enjoying every moment of my life.


One thought on “Single and waiting

  1. Found ya! This is well said! I think this is super empowering to single women! You are not waiting or fasting until you find a husband you are preparing and pursuing God…..based on Sunday’s sermon… we must have a plan for God to bless, this is an amazing plan. You’re awesome T. This is great!! Be blessed!

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