I have a crush…

You know that feeling you get when you have a crush? The butterfly feelings and excitement when you think that you are going to see that person? The feelings of hope when the phone announces that there is a text message and even though the person has no clue you exist there is that small twinge of hope that the text is from them. The countless day dreams about crossing paths with crush and they look right at you and your face turns bright red because even though you are just a person to them, you feel like there is a neon light above your head screaming “I THINK I AM IN LOVE WITH YOU!!”. Oh the wonderful feelings of a crush. It is such a fun thing to have.

Well, I have a crush and today when my phone announced that I had a message I almost fell over when I read “You have a new follower” and my new follower is responsible for my crush! One day as I was doing some research for my blog, I ran across this responsible party. I opened the link and I began to read. I identified with everything that was said, so I started to blog stalk and read old and new blogs. I wanted to find out what this blog was about and was it a random event that this specific blog post was one that I related so closely with or would I relate to them all? Well, as you would guess, I related with this blog. Close to all of it and it was there that my crush began.

A while back, my sister (www.topthisbyleanne) posted something about wanting to be someone’s blog crush. I had never heard that term before and honestly, I wasn’t really sure what that was, until now. I have an official blog crush. I wait with anticipation for the next post. I go back and read old posts. I am inspired and motivated to be a blog that inspires someone else. I now know what my sister meant when she said that she wanted to be someone’s blog crush because now I want to be someone’s blog crush.

So, @Topthisbyleannne here is to being blog crushes and @MKennedyWriter I think you are awesome and an inspiration to keep blogging and to get better so that I can be an inspiration to someone else who is starting out their blogging someday.

Check out my blog crush: http://mariashriver.com/blog/2013/03/vulnerable-me-michelle-kennedy


2 thoughts on “I have a crush…

  1. I love it! You have inspired me to write more. Thank you so much for your support. Keep up the good work! Michelle

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