Well, the summer is over, the kids are back in school and I thought life would slow down. I had all of these amazing plans and thoughts that I would take the kids to school and there would be all of this time to spend with Jesus and blog and foster relationships and so on and so on. That has not happened at all, however I went to this awesome training today and I am inspired and pumped up. Who cares that there is always something to do and that things will continuously comes up. That should not stop me from doing what I love, and what I love is to write.

Not only do I love to write, I love to tell people about all of the awesome things that Jesus does. It is so interesting the transformation of this blog. I began this thinking it would be my accounting of how I got to my earthly husband. What I didn’t realize was that this journey would lead me to my true husband. The one who will always be a gentleman. The one who will always treat me just perfectly. The one who will never let me down. My husband is Jesus. I am learning what it means to genuinely see him as my husband and to talk to him and to trust him and to rely on him. I am excited to one day meet my earthly husband, but I am enjoying falling in love with Jesus and that makes it easy to wait.

So, stay tuned. There will be more blogging to come. I am committing to a blog a week at worst. I need to get back at it for me. I have too many thoughts roaming around in my head and too many good things that go on.

Until next time…


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