Things that I love

((Sigh)) As I laid down in bed tonight after putting on clean sheets, putting my comforter on just right, fluffing up my pillows and then climbing in bed with pillows everywhere and the awesome feeling of clean all around me, I started listing off all of the things that I love, the things that give me the feeling that everything is just right. I started to wonder what it would be like to have a clean house and clean sheets every day and a hot cooked perfect 4 course meal (cooked by someone else of course).

I started imagining the life that I would have if I could write the script and have everything I want. I would live in a blue house with white trim and a white picket fence. I would have the most perfect grass, an array of colorful flowers and huge shade trees. My house would have a porch with a porch swing and a white wrought iron table with a pitcher of lemonade and 2 glasses and a bible at all times (this is where I would spend time with Jesus and of course the weather would be just right every day). Inside, my house would have wood floors and floor to ceiling windows looking onto my beautiful backyard where the kids would be playing on the trampoline, riding horses, playing baseball or football, swimming, laughing and having a great time. The inside of my house would be clean and crisp. There would be white trim, fresh flowers on the table, a perfectly planned and cleaned kitchen for entertaining complete with cookbooks, a hanging pot rack above the center island, the largest refrigerator you have ever seen, a double stove, blue, white and yellow accents all throughout. I would have a room with 3 walls of bookshelves filled with books and I would read every one of them. I would have a fireplace and an enormous Arizona room perfect for entertaining.

Up the spiral staircase would be all of the bedrooms, each room with a theme. The boys would have super hero rooms I am sure and my master suite would have 2 bathrooms with closets, one on either side of the bedroom. You know his and hers so that if one of us is sleeping the other won’t hear them in the bathroom and I seriously cannot share my closet because I would have to have 3 of them on my side and a huge round chair in the middle of the three. I would need a closet for clothes, one for shoes and one for jewelry and accessories. The showers would be the huge stone ones with the awesome shower heads and a bench seat in the shower and then there would be a spa bathtub with a coffee pot built into the wall that can be accessed from either the shower or the tub.

I would have white squishy carpet and a bed fit for royalty. It would be so big and wonderful that I would need a step ladder to get into it. I would have a sitting room in my master suite complete with chandelier and everything that I could imagine needing so that I never had to leave my room in the morning before I was ready. Oh and the whole house would have an intercom system so that I could buzz the kids rooms and remind them to get up and get dressed for school and buzz the cook to remind her to make a full, hot, healthy, breakfast for the kids.

I would use my home to entertain all of the time. I would have the biggest and grandest holidays at my house where everyone would be invited. My home would be perfectly in order and totally comfortable all at the same time. ((Sigh)) I love pretty things.

• I love the feel of clean sheets and a perfectly made bed. Cuddling in between my comforter and my sheets and getting
lost in all of my pillows. It feels so good.
• I love walking into a clean house and looking around seeing everything put away, floors vacuumed, tile cleaned and the kitchen in perfect order.
• I love the smell of fresh air.
• I love the feel of a gentle breeze on a warm day.
• I love the sound of my kids laughter.
• I love laying in bed at night and looking out the window at the stars and lights that are far off in the distance.
• I love when the kids go to bed and I can watch a show uninterrupted or read a book.
• I love the silence of the night.
• I love a piping hot cup of coffee.
• I love the early morning before anybody is awake, my bible open, and quiet conversations with Jesus.
• I love dancing in the rain.
• I love going to dinner with a friend.
• I love dreaming.
• I love being home, yet somehow it seems like I never am.
• I love pretty and sparkly things.

I guess it would be only right to say that I love dreaming also. Good night all. It is time to go to dream land where nothing is impossible. 🙂


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