When He becomes real!

I love Jesus more today than I can ever say that I have before. This journey is fun and exciting and I cannot even begin to verbalize just how in awe I am on a consistent basis. I know that a lot of my walk with Jesus is my willingness to spend time with Him and get to know Him, but sometimes I just go through the motions. Sometimes I think that I am getting to know Jesus, but I am really just being self righteous and doing what I think I am supposed to do. Fortunately Jesus loves me in a way that is so unique and wonderful and He gives me grace in those times and recognizes that I am trying and still blesses me. There are the times though, like today that I just stopped and said “I only have 20 minutes, fill me up. I am at the end of the rope. I am at my bottom and I need you”. Today in those 20 minutes, He spoke to me and I heard in a way that I have never heard before. It may have just been that I was ready and desperate and chose to believe that he could speak to me, but whatever it was I was overwhelmed with His greatness. 

Today, Jesus revealed the doubt that I have. My lack of faith in certain areas of my life. Like my kids. I doubt that he is going to care for them when I am not around. How crazy is that? They are HIS KIDS! He has let me borrow them and I am so blessed to have that opportunity, but if I know that, how can I question that he is going to care for them? They have a journey to walk and a destiny to fulfill. He will walk along side of them and lift them up. He will protect them just like He has protected me over the years. 

Today I was blessed by hearing from Jesus. I was blessed by being led to truths in the bible that spoke directly to my needs and my prayers. I left my house longing for more time with Jesus. I spent a wonderful day with family and friends. I had a great time with my parents and my boys and then I got to hang out with my daughter, my boys and friends. I finished the social part of my day with some fabulous people from church that are in my life group. These are people I don’t really know, but they are all so incredible and I only hope that I touch their lives with a fraction of the way that they touch my life. 

When all of that was done, I was excited to come home, kiss my kids and spend some more time with the best man ever! Jesus!! I can’t wait to see what he has in store for me tomorrow. 

Good night friends and thank you for walking this journey out with me. I may not know you, but I pray for you. 🙂



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