I believe in fairy tales




I am a dreamer. I believe in fairy tales and happily ever after. I believe I am a princess born into the wrong world and that there is a life far greater than my current one. I will find my prince charming one day and we will live in our castle happily ever after. He will go out every day and sleigh dragons to protect our family and he will hunt for food to make sure we don’t go hungry. I dream about the day that my prince charming rides up on his white horse, his motorcycle or his 4 wheeled chariot ready to take me out and treat me like the princess that I am.


Someday my prince will come. He will leave behind all he has just to scoop me up and take me away to a place that is far greater than I can imagine. We will be so in love that no curse can tear us apart. I am a dreamer. I dream about the tragic events that take place while we fight for the love that is rightfully ours. I dream about the passionately torrid romance that we will have and the magical kingdom that we will live in.  


It is true. I am a princess. Someday the clicking of my heels, the magic of my laughter, the charm of my glance or the twinkle in my eye will break the spell of my true love and we will live happily ever in a land that others only dream of. 

I am a dreamer!

I do believe in fairy tales! 

My knight in shining armor awaits!

Happily ever after is out there!



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