Prince Charming… Is that you?

I am happy to say that there are still gentlemen out there!


I stopped to get coffee this morning since I had a few minutes before work. As I am getting my coffee, a man approaches me and apologizes for not holding the door open for me when I was walking in. Surprised by this confession of non gentleman like behavior I couldn’t help but to smile and thank him for taking a minute out of his day to acknowledge that he should have done so. Well, I didn’t exactly say that, but I did say thank you and smiled.

As I approached the cashier to pay for my coffee I noticed said gentleman not rushing out. He waited for me to finish paying for my coffee and the held the door open for me to leave. Again I thanked him and went about my day. I had to marvel over the fact that not only did this man have manors and gentleman like behavior, but he did not hit on me or give me idle complements to try to get somewhere with me. It was so refreshing.

I have been thinking a lot about who my prince charming will be. I am excited for him to find me. I believe he will be a gentleman like this man was. I believe that he will sleigh dragons to protect me and stop at nothing to let me know that he loves me daily. I believe that he will always find me no matter what the circumstance is. I believe that he is looking for me now, he just hasn’t found me yet… or maybe he has. Maybe he is reading this right now and is just not ready to reveal himself yet. 

All I know is that I believe in real life fairy tales and I can’t wait to watch mine unfold.  


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