I am a dreamer



     I dream all of the time. There are constant dreams streaming though my head. I wish I had time to write down all of my dreams. Every day I am meeting my husband. This husband of mine wears many different hats. He is a police officer, a fireman, an attorney, a public figure, he saves the day, he takes care of the sick and elderly, he is a jetsetter off to cure world hunger, and he is a regular guy with dreams as big as mine. We go horseback riding, hiking, we stroll through Barnes and Noble laughing at different things while drinking our coffee. We sit on park benches and talk about our dreams for hours, we paint, have water gun fights, our cooking turns into food fights and our fighting turns into laughing. We are the best of friends and I envy our life because no matter what, we are together. It doesn’t matter if we are rich or poor, if we are saving the world or staying in bed all day. We are perfect.

     Our family of us, our kids and our dogs could never be anything but the best because we are in it. I am a stay at home mom practicing my Martha Stewart skills and starting my business that I have talked about and dreamt about for years. I work closely with my sisters and we are smashingly successful. We can hardly believe how quickly our business took off and how amazing we are at juggling all of the plates. We are perfect mothers, wives, sisters, friends and business owners. We fly to a different city each month for lunch and to enjoy some amazing sister time. We are fashionably unique and always the talk of the town. We are trendsetters and are constantly pushing the envelope of style. It is a beautiful place to be.

     My family and I travel also. Twice a year we travel to different countries where there is a need and we work. We meet new people and we bring joy to villages and towns. We love on the kids and generally come home with another child in tow. Our family is growing quickly and we are always having to build another room on our house to have room for the kids that we are adopting. We live on a huge piece of property, so it is completely possible to do this. We have recently acquired some horses, cows and chickens. We are working on getting a couple of pigs and we have the greatest garden imaginable. We don’t have to go to the grocery store for our fruits and vegetables because they are in our backyard surrounded by a rose garden that you only see in magazines. There is a quaint little dining area in the middle of the rose garden where we enjoy a glass of lemonade and a perfect spring meal. When the family isn’t home, I use this area to work on the book that I am writing. I dream of being a published author one day and then traveling around from talk show to talk show promoting my book that will eventually turn into a movie.


There is that screeching sound called reality beckoning my name. It is time to put todays dream on the shelf and go back to work. Ahhh I love to sit in my dreams. It is such a glorious place to be.


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