A Princess, a Dragon and an Ogre



   There is this princess, and this week has been a rough one sleighing dragons and fighting ogres. There is a dragon and an ogre who have played this game well and has made this week not only physically and mentally exhausting, but emotionally confusing as well. Princess Looking for love is beginning to understand why her parents cautioned her against getting into a physical or deep emotional relationship with the wrong one. The counterfeit. She is beginning to see that she needs to look beyond the prince and see if he is a dragon, an ogre or the real deal. Princess Looking for Love is also beginning to see that the perceived dragon or ogre could possibly be a prince who has been tortured, hurt, and misguided, but there could be a prince underneath the ugliness. Princess Looking for Love’s heart has been broken a few times in her life, but one person in particular broke her heart in such a way that she doesn’t know if she will ever get the pieces back. This dragon is a heart thief and he does not apologize for what he has stolen. He has no problem admitting that he kept pieces of her heart even though they do not belong to him. Mostly she is okay with it. The time with the dragon was such a defining moment in her life and there will always be a part of her that will  love him for bringing her out of where she was at and reminding her of who she was before she lost herself. She has to be thankful for him and what he represents, but sometimes he pops up and it just cuts so deep. It confuses her. Does she love him? Did she ever love him? What is this thing that has such a grasp on her heart? They can’t be together so why won’t he just give the pieces back?

     So this dragon is playing with his voo doo doll trying to control Princess Looking for Loves heart like a puppeteer and she is fighting and pushing and failing miserably at evicting him from the doll house to remove his control over the parts of her emotions that he has. Then there is the ogre, he is but equally as powerful as the dragon, but in such a different way. I am afraid the ogre has entered at just the right time. He doesn’t yet have any real control in the crazy game that Princess Looking for Love has found herself in, but he is still a player none the less. He offers a whole different opportunity. Not one that she is sure that she should accept, but it is tempting and he isn’t new to the game. In fact he and the heart thief of a dragon started playing at the same time. The dragon just happened to be slick and sure of what he wanted where the ogre was still unsure of what he wanted or how he could fit into the game and as a result was benched for a couple of years. The ogre got tired of sitting out and watching the game and so he made his move for a comeback. I will give him credit, he blind sided the princess and has moved right in. He has changed the game entirely with his new boldness and passion for being the ogre turned prince. He says and does the right things at the right time and somehow the Princess went from being in control of the game to being a player in the game. This can be dangerous since the ogres path and the princesses path do not seem to be going in the same direction at all.

     The Princess has been cautioned about playing such games with anything that is not headed down the same path. You see the Princess has been seeking the narrow path. The road less traveled. The one that the King says will lead her to her prince. She has put up walls and dug moats and has taken up her sword. She was armed and ready, but then something happened. She got comfortable and let her guard down. She was exhausted from all of the socializing she was doing and the obligations she was attending to. She didn’t deal with some of the battles that were presented to her and she crossed the moat, went on the other side of the wall and left her sword behind. On the other side of the wall she found that she was vulnerable and suddenly the dragon and the ogre had an open door and opportunity to meet the princess up close again.

     The dragon just likes to play with fire. He likes to toss out balls of fire and see if the princess is able to catch them and throw them  back or if they will burn her. He isn’t really looking to destroy her, but to keep her where he can get to her if he ever feels the need to. Right now he is content watching her squirm and try to ward off his seemingly innocent attacks while unarmed. He wasn’t successful in anything more than resurfacing emotion. Once he saw that she was weak without her safeguards in place, he took a backseat for a little while longer. The game just isn’t as fun with an unfair advantage.

     The ogre on the other hand. He pulled out all of the stops. He freshened up his appearance and buttered the Princess up. He chose his words carefully and lured her into his den. Once in his den, he played the game with excellence. He said all of the right things and kept his hands to himself. He fed her the finest and wooed his way to edge of her heart. He could see the moments when she would begin to panic and question what she was doing. He would talk her through them as if he was in her head. He just kept slowly reeling the princess in. When the sun came up and the dawn of a new day began, the Princess gracefully thanked the ogre for a fine night and for being such a gentleman and she walked out of the den into the light. Once in the light she knew that she had fallen for the trap. The game was on shaky ground suddenly and she wasn’t sure which direction she would go.

     At this moment Princess Looking for Love is staring down to paths. The one that is less traveled and could lead her to her prince or the road that could give her pieces of what her heart is longing to have. As she stands there looking between the roads, she is playing out all of the possible scenarios in her head. She knows what she should do and what will bring her the most joy in the long run, but she is trying to decide if she is willing to take a detour. Princess Looking for Love is wondering if the road that will lead to what the King has for her and the road that she wants to explore could ever be the same.


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