Princess Looking for Love



     As Princess Looking for love is staring down the two roads, she begins to hear the kings voice in the back of her head “Trust Me” he says. The princess turns around and looks at the fortress that she left. She knows that going back is not and option. She cannot continue to lock herself away from the dragons and ogres of the world any longer. She has studied and sat in protection, isolated long enough. There comes a time in every princess life that she has to step away from her tower and face the dragons and ogres. She has to look them in the eye and say “I am the daughter of the king” and then she needs to walk away and never look back. She has to know that the fortress that she has spent years living in will always be there to run interference when the princess is too weary to go on, but she has to go on.

     Knowing that she was faced with three roads, the dangerous road, the hard but rewarding road, or the safe fortress the princess began to cry. The dangerous road led to some appealing dangers. The ogre that the princess wanted to convince herself could turn into the prince lived there. This ogre was not her happily ever after, she was pretty sure about that, but she had fun with the ogre and the ogre was real and there. He made promises that she wanted made and he spoke words that she wanted to hear. The ogre promised to take her out and show her things, he promised to love and care for her, he promised to make life a little easier. The ogre, if she tried really hard to believe, was enough to fill the void. Princess Looking for Love tried to tell herself that they could live happily ever after even if it was in the forest and even though their beliefs and lives are worlds apart.

     The hard road but rewarding road will lead to the happiness that the king is promising her. The hard but rewarding road will lead to her true prince, but it it is scary and the princess isn’t really sure she wants to fight anymore. The hard road feels like it is never ending. It feels like it will be hard and lonely. Even though the king has promised to always give her the tools she needs and will be there to carry her when she is too tired to go on, she isn’t sure that she is ready to fully trust the king. She isn’t sure she is ready to rely on this king that she can hear but cannot see. He has shown her time and time again how much he loves her and wants the best for her. The king blesses the princess regularly even though she has done absolutely nothing to deserve it. He has been graceful, kind, generous, loving and patient. He is a gentleman and he will never force his hand. The king waits patiently for the princess to completely surrender and trust the he has her best interest in mind. He waits for her to come to him and say “I am ready for you to bring me all of the gifts that you have for me and to bring me all of the desires of my heart. I am ready to live the life that you have prepared for me”. 

     Finally, Princess Looking for Love turns around and looks at her fortress. This fortress has been her home for the last three years. She has gotten lost in this fortress and sat in its protection. It has been mostly easy, definitely wonderful, full of encouragement, and never ending support. The princess used to think she could sit in that forever As she looks at the fortress and she wonders how the ogre was able to slip through and why this ogre was able to bypass the security that was in place when suddenly it clicked. She knew. The king was allowing the counterfeit to penetrate the front line and shake things up to force the princess out of the tower. The king wants the princess to trust and he wants her to move so that he can lead her where she will be happiest. He wants to bring her prince to her but as long as she is locked up in her tower hiding in the fortress, he cannot do that. The princess has to know who she truly is and know that she is worthy of a prince’s love.

    So again, Princess Looking for Love turns around and stares at both roads. She wonders why the choice is so scary and why she won’t just start walking down the hard but rewarding path towards her future, her prince, and her destiny. It sees like an easy choice, but she is not sure that she feels strong enough at this moment to make the choice that may be hard in the beginning but will lead to ease and happiness. As she looks back and forth between the two roads she makes a decision and takes a step towards the hard but rewarding road. Just as her foot lands on the right path she stops and puts one foot on either road knowing that a decision has to be made. She will never be able to walk down both paths at once. The roads are too far apart.


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