Princess Looking for Love makes a decision



      With one foot on either path, Princess Looking for Love knew that she had to make a decision. She couldn’t stand with one foot on either path forever. She was a princess for goodness sake. She was strong and she knew that she could do this. There was really only one decision to make and so, she lifted her head and looked down the dangerous road and decided that if the dangerous road was the road that she was supposed to go down, the hard but rewarding road will lead her back when it is no longer dangerous. For now, Princess Looking for Love is going to walk down the hard but rewarding road. She took one step, then two, and on the third she fell to the ground and cried out “King where are you? I need to know that I am not alone and that this road is going to lead me to my prince.” Princess Looking for Love didn’t really expect an answer. After all the King wasn’t required to respond to her, but he is a loving king and out of no where there was a gentle voice. Almost quiet enough that the princess could have missed it if she wasn’t listening. The king said “I am here for you. I will never leave you and I will always give you the desires of your heart, but you have to trust me.”. The princess knew that what was said was true, but she also knew that this road would lead her places that she didn’t want to go. Places that the fortress protected her from and she really did not feel like she was ready for what lies ahead.

     Princess Looking for Love stood up, lifted her head, found every ounce of courage she had and began to run. If she didn’t run the right way, she knew she would run the wrong way. The dangerous road was familiar and although it was full of hurt, it was something the princess knew how to deal with. It had been a long time since she had been on the dangerous road, but she knew that she could navigate that road enough to get through it. The road she was running down was new. It may not  be dangerous, but it was definitely scary. Suddenly the princess came to a halt. She looked behind her and then back in front of her. “KING! KING! WHERE ARE YOU? I THOUGHT THIS WASN’T THE DANGEROUS ROAD” she yelled. What stood before her was the scariest thing she could imagine. She was looking at every dragon she had ever encountered when she used to live on that dangerous road. They were salivating and taunting. They had the look of hunger in their eyes. The princess was confused and seriously doubting the king. “I thought you were going to protect me” she cried. From somewhere in the distance, that quiet voice spoke again. “You have to face your fears princess”. The princess was beginning to back up. She did not want to deal with this. There was a reason why she chose to hide in the fortress for as long as she did.

     The king was watching from where he sat unseen. He wanted so badly for the princess to face her fears. He wanted her to confront them head on so that he could continue to lead her to where she wanted to be. He wanted to give her joy like she had never experienced before, but as long as she held onto the pain and pushed the feelings aside she wouldn’t ever be able to experience true love. The king sent his best knight to speak to and guide the princess through this part of her journey. The knight was given instruction to be gentle, but to nudge her along. He was to make sure that she didn’t run and that she conquered the dragons that she was faced with. Once the knight had his instructions he joined the princess on the hard but rewarding road. 

     “Princess, I have come to walk you through this part of your journey” said the knight. Princess Looking for Love thought this knight looked familiar, but she had been gone so long that she questioned who he was. She could hear him, but she was not sure that she wanted to listen to him. What if he lead her astray? As quickly as the princess questioned the knight, she dismissed the thought. After all, wasn’t she in this mess as a result of trusting herself? It was time to let somebody else lead for a minute. So she looked at the knight and she asked “what now?”. The knight had kind eyes. The kind of eyes that would be impossible not to trust and so she made a decision right then. She was going to face her fears and fight these dragons with the Knight by her side. What that meant, she was still unsure and she still was not sure that she was ready to do this. “Knight, can we please rest before facing these dragons? Is there any way to get away from them for just a little while?” asked the princess with a weary voice. “Princess, the dragons have always been there. You just weren’t ready to see them. We can rest for a little while, but you have to face them. It is time” said the knight.

     And so the knight and the princess found a place where they could not see the dragons. The knight let the princess rest for a short while, but soon he would wake her and take her through her fears. He knew that she would come out unscathed and feeling stronger than she does now, but somehow she needed to find it within her to look the dragons in the eye and slay them one at a time. 


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