Is this prince really a prince or is he a dragon in disguise?



    Fear came in like a thief in the night. Fear was not invited and it arrived without warning. The debilitating feeling that followed was almost more than the princess could bare. It hurt. It hurt so bad. Fear is foreign. Fear is not something that Princess Looking For Love had much experience with. She had been through and seen a lot, but fear was as unlikely as a bull in a china shop. Fear is a useless emotion and one that she didn’t give any permission to under normal circumstances. These were not normal circumstances though. These were life altering circumstances. 

     Although the princess has rested and had spent time reflecting and preparing for the task at hand, the battle ahead took a turn that she could not see coming. Nothing could have ever prepared her for the force in which the prince barreled through the dragons that she was facing. The princess was not sure if this prince that she was staring at was the real deal or if he was wolf in sheep’s clothing. She had seen this prince before. She had even had a brief encounter with the possibility of the future with this prince, but he was like Houdini. He had skills to disappear without warning making the princess question the reality of his existence and here he was. Again. Standing before her, but something was different this time. His eyes looked different, he looked defeated, worn down, and vulnerable.  He was more beautiful than she had remembered and his eyes opened up to his soul. He looked at her with a need that she had never seen before. Inside those eyes was hope, desire, fear, and so much more. The princess could not pull herself away. With all of the noise in the background and the dragons rearing ready to pounce, all she could see was this prince and the array of emotions that it inflicted on her soul. 

     Somewhere deep inside of her she knew that she was going to destroy the dragons around her. She knew that this fight had just begun and that the prince was going to be there at the end, but she was not ready to let him go long enough to begin her battle. She knew that it was time to drink in the joy and pleasure of his presence. She knew that she owed that to herself even if it meant that she was destroyed at the end of it. This may or may not be a prince. He may be one of the dragons disguised as a prince, but she did not care. The princess had to find out. 

     As Princess Looking for Love stared into the eyes of Prince Houdini, her heart began to open against her will. It started slowly, things threatened to pour out and the princess could feel her subconscious try to stuff them back in there place, but it was too full. It was overflowing and the battle to keep what was in her heart was lost before it ever began. The rapid rate at which her heart began to explode with love, hope, promise, expectation, need, desire, future, mystery, joy, calm, forever, completeness, and dreams come true was intense. It wouldn’t stop and with the prince standing before her, it was amazing. It felt right and like the rest of the world was not there. The dragons didn’t feel like they were looming on the peripheral. Everything that the princess had been training for flew by the way side and she stood blind sided by the presence of this prince who she knew was going to slay dragons with her.

     As soon as the prince turned around and the princess was no longer held hostage by his presence, there was a question that hovered in the air. Was this prince who would stand by her side and slay dragons with her going to turn into a dragon at the end and destroy her? Was this a tactic from the Hunger Games to throw her off the scent. Was the princess breathing the same air as the one dragon that could destroy her beyond repair? It was then that the fear overtook her. It was then that she stood unable to move and unable to understand what was happening. She had made the unconscious choice to put her heart in his hands. She handed it over to him. Pandora’s box had been opened and there was no way to close it now.

     The princess stood and looked around. Everything was foggy and nothing was clear. There was no exit. The paths all ran together. She could not see where one began and the other ended. The dangerous road intertwined with the  hard but rewarding road. Everything was spinning around her. She could not see clearly. She had no choice, Prince Houdini had her heart and now she was going to give him her hand and let him lead her… wherever that road goes. So, with excitement, hope, fear and so much more she handed the prince her hand, looked him in the eyes and said “Let’s do this” what she did not voice was the hope that she was not handing her life to the most dangerous dragon of them all.


3 thoughts on “Is this prince really a prince or is he a dragon in disguise?

  1. Perhaps the prince has always been nothing but a simple dragon slayer; a willing and wanting servant to the princess. The thing about shadow warriors is, their place is to fight the dragons that could destroy the princess, at all costs, often in secret and with little fanfare. The prince would gladly walk into hell, with both eyes open, just to prevent the princess from ever knowing the presence of the dragons. For the only fear that lives in the prince’s heart is not that of battle with the dragons; it is failing in his solemn duty to protect the princess from them. And to fight the dragons, the prince must become a being that makes the dragons shudder with fear, as failure is not within the blood of the prince, especially with regards to his one true love.

  2. The prince has fought many of the fiercest dragons, and won. He Is suiting up in his armor, making ready his weapons for one of the biggest, strongest and most determined dragon yet. The prince needs only a glance of the princess to know what he is fighting for, and to know he can win, despite the cost to him. He prepares for this, knowing he must win, as to lose would mean the princess’ heart would be destroyed.

    The prince ignores the naysayers as he walks the lonely walk thru the dank, dark and ghost filled halls to the arena where this battle will take place. The ghosts of the defeated cry out to him, to cast doubt upon him; to cause hesitation. But the prince focuses of the fine feel of the grip of his weapon, knowing he is battle-born. Knowing he is more familiar with the weapon he shall use than he is with the back of his own hand. He shall enter the arena, the dragon shall be released.

    A calm settles over the prince, who now is no longer a prince, but a professional warrior. The warrior can see the dragon’s obvious, unbelievable size and apparent superior physical strength. The warrior knows the dragon’s weakness, and also knows there is no medicine in a fight to the death. Death, he ponders. The ultimate wager. What princess could possibly be worth the obvious horrific death he faces should he lose? The warrior laughs, as only he has seen the true soul of the princess; he has felt her heartbeat, her breath against his lips. He has seen her fears, and with all that he possesed, he would destroy those fears. His very soul had been hopelessly infected by her beauty, a beauty that would never fade with the ages.

    The gates open; out steps the dragon, unchained and filled with blind rage at the very sight of the warrior who dare stands before him. The warrior draws a deep breath; in it he can taste the princess and all that he is fighting for. He slams his sword on his shield with such might, he sees the dragon flinch. He slams it again, doing so in representation of the trust the princess has put in him to slay this dragon. The warrior takes in one last memory of his true love, drinks in her beauty. It fuels his soul and sets fire to the rage inside him…he is battle- born, once again.

    The warrior advances on the dragon; the dragon lets out a howl that rocks the spectators to their very core, for they know deep in their beings none of them posses the skill or even the want to set foot anywhere near this dragon.

    The dragon and warrior charge headlong, hellbent on winning the wager. Should the dragon win, the princess will most surely be destroyed. Should the warrior win, he and the princess will have ever-lasting peace in knowing their souls will be forever intertwined, never to be separated. Love, a love that could only be created by the Almighty himself…

    Time slows to a crawl, who will win? Who will win, indeed?

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