The Battle Has Begun

princess in battle

As Princess Looking for Love stands among the winding roads and the fog, things begin to clear up. The roads are still all jumbled and she cannot make heads nor tales of them, but they are not daunting. Each one looks beautiful. There are sparkles and beautiful flowers, they are enticing and inviting. Each road looks like a road of hope and promise. The princess starts to relax and feel the waves of peace and joy wash over her. She looks to her side and there is the prince. He is still there right next to her ready to stand by her in the battle and encourage when he needs to. This has to be her battle, the prince cannot overcome these dragons for her or they will remain a part of who she is. The prince can stand by her side, encourage, support, strategize with, and guide her through the battle, but he cannot fight the fight for her. There is something very comforting knowing that the prince is a warrior at heart and will stop at nothing to see her experience freedom from the burden of the dragons. The prince knows deep down inside she is a warrior princess and he will cheer her on as she finds the warrior that is buried so deep inside her under the weight of the past that the princess tries to hide.

Ready to go into battle, the Princess looks over at her Prince and her breath catches. It is at that very moment that she believes that he is the prince and that he will not turn into a dragon at the end. What she sees in his eyes mirrors what she is feeling. He has his own dragons to slay. She can see deep down that he will put his battle on the shelf to help her fight hers. Knowing that is comforting. There is a sense of camaraderie and a strength that is indescribable. Looking into his eyes, she knows what she has to do. She has to tell the prince to fight his own battle. She can fight hers. She feels warrior pushing it’s way to the surface for both of them. There is a fight to be had and without the fight, there will always be a barrier between them. The barrier will never be acceptable to either of them. She wants her prince whole. The princess wants to be able to love the prince to the fullest and for him to love her in the same way. It is time to turn to the king and ask him for his help. It is time to request back up in order to endure the battle ahead.

Armed with her sword of truth, the princess was ready for to fight, ready to fight for the future she desires with every part of her existence. She knew the time had come, the battle was about to begin and it would be won no matter what and when the dragons were no longer a factor in her life, she would begin to untangle the paths that she was standing in the middle of. She did not like the thought of doing this without the prince. Not because she was not capable of doing so, but because she was afraid that the prince may never come back from his own battle. It is hard to trust that the King will give her the desires of her heart. It is hard to trust that the King will bring the prince back to her upgraded to a place of peace. It is so hard to trust. She wants to sit in the stolen moments forever. The princess wants to fight the truth and believe that if they could just stick it out the way that things were then they will eventually get the same results. In fact, she does believe that, but she also believes that the process will be a lot longer if they do it their way. The king has can see things differently from where he sits and to question his lead would be like walking blindly into battle without a weapon.

There is no doubt in the mind of the princess that she is not strong enough to do what needs to be done. So she stands with arms stretched to the sky and she cries out to the king “Take over for me! I cannot, in my own strength, do what you are asking me to do!”. There is not a peace. The princess does not trust. She is afraid. She wants to hold on so tight. She wants to live in the moment of his touch, his kiss, his presence forever. She does not want to wait for the process to happen. She wants to embrace the moment NOW!

There is hope. Hope that if the prince loves the princess with the fullness that he says he does, he will fight the battle and turn to the king with reckless abandonment. There is hope that the prince will remove the barriers that are standing between them. There is hope that he will discover the enveloping love of the king and set his eyes on the same kingdom that she has her eyes on. There is hope that he will do it for him more than he will do it for her. The princess once again finds herself wondering when her turn will come. When will she be with her prince fighting battles that arise and not battles of the past?

The decision has been made. The princess will not only go to battle to slay her dragons, but she fight for the prince. She will cry out to the king daily, she will ask for intercession, she will ask that his heart be healed, that he will find patience in his circumstances, understanding of the process, trust in the king, loyalty and faithfulness in this time of battle, strength to push through, protection over him and his circumstances, and whatever else she feels led to ask for. This prince is one of a kind. He has warrior flowing through his veins. He is a prince that the princess will never live without. Together the prince and the princess will experience freedom and walk into a life that they had only imagined, but before that can happen… There is some fighting to do!


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