Just Ask Me To Stay


I try not to talk about it because I said I wouldn’t.

I try not to think about it because I know I shouldn’t

My heart aches in an indescribable way

And I wish that I could see you today

I want to know that you’re alright

And I want To know that it’s worth the fight

I begged you to ask me to wait, but I guess that wasn’t my fate

So, waiting is what I’ll do…

I just wish I knew if I was waiting for you

Maybe what I am waiting for is the feeling to fade away

And then It won’t matter that you didn’t ask me to stay

Because somehow this broken heart will be okay

I just wish that day was today.


2 thoughts on “Just Ask Me To Stay

  1. So beautifully written, makes me want to know all the back story and give you a big hug, so a very affective poem. Hugs!!

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