Goodbye 2014 and Hello 2015

goodbye memories

Oddly enough, I am a little sad to say goodbye to this last year! I have had a year chalked full of blessings! I feel like I have had one of those years where I was daily given another opportunity and it is SO cool! For that reason it is a year that I am not ready to run away from. However, I do believe for more in the upcoming year. I believe that this year will make 2014 jealous!

goodbye life

So, what was so great about 2014? So much! I was about a month into my new job when 2014 started. I could never have imagined just how perfect this would turn out. Never in a million years would I have predicted that this would be my future or that I could see myself landing here for a long time. I walked into a mess and I wasn’t sure that I would ever find my way out, but I did. God knows exactly what he is doing and exactly how he will orchestrate it. A few months into the year, I experienced some crazy heartbreak, but through that came healing and taught me a lot about myself and just how much God loves and protects me. In May I bought a new car which had been a dream of mine for years. I had always wanted a Honda, but I had never purchased a car myself. My grandfather has blessed me on more than one occasion with a new car. When he died, my car decided to begin dying as well. I am not sure why, but that is what happened. I do not have super spectacular credit and I was pretty sure that I would never qualify to purchase a car, but again… God showed up and was incredibly gracious in giving me the car that I wanted. Not only did I get a Honda (which I specifically prayed for) I found one that was a manual, and I LOVE it!!!

In June, I had the opportunity to take my kids to California for a week. We had a blast! We spent time with my mom, went to the beach, enjoyed Lego Land, had fun at Sea Life, spent time with my grandfather, saw more family, relaxed, laughed and made wonderful memories. It had been a few years since we took a family vacation and it was perfect.

In August, my kids started a new school. The school they went to previously closed down due to low enrollment and we were all so sad about it. The boys were nervous and I was nervous. The first day of school there were parents fighting over a parking spot, a police officer was at the front gate (I later found out he was a parent), I wasn’t allowed to walk my children to their classrooms, I had to drop them off at the gate, my youngest was starting kindergarten and I was a wreck as a mom. I could not believe that I would never experience another first day of kindergarten with my kid again, but the first day of school ended up being wonderful. The boys loved it and have loved every day since. My older son has made a sweet friend who he really enjoys (he has never had a close friend, so this is a BIG deal). The teachers are wonderful and I have met a couple of moms that are great! My daughter also got married in August and her little turned 1. Big things happened this month!

In October, I was promoted at work, which is HUGE! I do not have the educational qualification for the position and I do not have experience in this specific area, but the people who I work for saw something in me that made them willing to take a chance on me. I have a huge challenge ahead of me, but I love each moment of it. I am learning and growing and mentoring and just enjoying the new season!

In November I turned 40. That is a big number and I lived a lifetime in my 30’s, so I am very welcoming of the new decade. I was able to celebrate my birthday with some of the people who have greatly impacted my life. People who I cherish and love and then I finished the night off with those closest to me. Also in November, my family spent Thanksgiving at my house. It was a blast to have my mom, my dad and his wife, my brother and his family, my sister and her family, my daughter and her family, myself and my 2 littles creating memories and laughing and sharing the day together. It was a joy to have everyone in the same place being loud and crazy.

December… Here we are. It is the end and not without happiness. Christmas was at my house just like Thanksgiving we had a few less people including my littles, but memories none the less. More laughter and joy. Having my mom and youngest sister stay in my house for almost a week was great. We had long talks and cherished moments. This is a year that I won’t forget.

Those are just highlighted moments, but there are many more incredible moments sprinkled throughout! Times with my sister ( who has become one of my best friends this last year. A couple (yep a couple) of raises. Unexpected visit from my best friend and so much more. I wish I could remember them all, but if I did, I would be writing all night long.

goodbye is hard

I am believing that 2015 will bring more joy and more blessings. I believe that love will enter into this year and that the foundation of life with another person will begin. I believe that I will increase financially even more so than I did this year. I believe this will be the year that I begin to pay off my student loans and start saving to purchase a home. I believe that big things are coming this year!

If you ask not, you have not. So, I am asking. I am asking for big things. I am believing that 2015 will be the best year of my life!!!!!!

What are you believing for in 2015? I encourage you to write it down and put it away. Have your family do it too and then at the end of the year, pull out the list and see just how much of what you were believing for happened. I did that this year and wow, when I opened up that envelope, I was blown away! God truly showed up!


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