I am SO overwhelmed right now!!! I had the greatest week of my life last week and I should have been prepared for the fall after the high, but I wasn’t. I figured I could ride that life high for a while longer, but I guess that the universe had different plans for me.

There is really no reason or direction for this post except that I needed to take a minute away from work and just write. Write something. Anything at all!

As I write this, another person has walked into my office to give me yet another “gift” of work. Ugh… just a moment that is all I need. One moment to write. Just to write something. Anything at all!

If I could be anywhere right now, I would be cuddled up in a cabin in Montana overlooking some mountains and a lake. In my mind, I am sitting on a couch with a book and piping hot cup of coffee with the fireplace crackling in the background and smells of breakfast wafting in from the kitchen. Looking up from my book, I can see the beauty of nature out the huge window. I know it is cold outside because I can see the snow, but it is warm and comfortable from where I am sitting. There is not a care in the world as I sit in this cabin because I have nothing but time. I have a stack of books waiting to introduce me to new places. The great outdoors are taunting me to explore them and to be enveloped in their beauty. It is not lost on me how small I am in this great big world. It feels good to be so small. It feels good to know that everything outside of that cabin can wait because the truth is that in the grand scheme of things, most of the “big” things in life are really quite insignificant.

imagesNZSPGIHT imagesTBD82BPF

Now, to mentally stay in the cabin as I return to the mess sitting in front of me. *Sigh*


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