Think Dirty, it’s good for you!


So what is it that has “You got me thinking dirty” to the tune of Riding Dirty running through my head all day? 

Why is it that thinking dirty is constantly on my mind? How can I make myself stop thinking dirty? Where will I find the answer to all of this dirty thinking? And WHO is it that got me thinking dirty all of the time?


Well, let me start with the Who! My Sister first started this whole dirty thinking. For about the last year (maybe longer), I have been changing things in my life. I began to replace products that were not satisfying me with new products that will leave me feeling good about myself. I often talk to my sister about these changes, how they make me feel, what I am doing differently and how it is affecting my life. We discuss things that work for each of us and make suggestions on how to implement them into our lives. 


Many times I have found myself trying something new, the latest and the greatest, the next big thing. However, I am always left wanting more. I find myself wondering if this is the best that it gets. There has to be a different way. Something better, something I can rely on. One of the benefits of being single is that I can try all of these different things and I don’t have anyone to roll their eyes or to tease me about finding something else or my excitement over this new technique or method. I don’t even have to tell anyone that I am experimenting if I don’t want to!


Are you curious as to what I am talking about? I am sure you are asking yourself what I am trying to get at. I am talking about what we put ON our body that goes IN our bodies! 


I have started to go beyond just thinking about what kind of food I eat and where it comes from, to what am I putting on my body and on my face and is it staying on my skin or is it invading my body? What is in this stuff that I have been putting on my body and never thinking about the potential consequences of?  I even went through a season where I stopped wearing makeup because suddenly I was questioning why I trusted these things that I buy and never think about the long term affects. I am not talking about the effects of aging. I am not worried about getting older. I am however concerned about my health. I am healthy now, I don’t have any signs that I could be entering into an unhealthy time, but that does not mean that I will not face that day at some point in my life. It seems that everything is causing cancer! I don’t want cancer! I want to avoid everything in my control that could potentially cause this awful sickness.


So, if I am so concerned about what I put IN my body, why have I not been concerned about what I put ON my body? The honest answer is, I don’t know. I had never thought about it. So, once I did think about it I began to make changes. I swapped lotion for coconut oil (I even tried to make it once which was an epic fail)! I started using coconut oil as a deep conditioner, I researched different ways to make my own shampoo and conditioner and until now I have not attempted that change, the jury is still out on whether or not I can adapt to natural hair cleansing, but I am sure I will make a decision sometime in the near future. I started to make my own deodorant, that has taken some time to perfect, but I am finally happy with a recipe. I buy soap from a local soap maker who I asked about 10,000 questions about where her product comes from and what she uses (orange peel for the scent? Um yes please) and the actual process of making it and finally felt like it was worth trying (I am going to attempt to make my own sometime soon). The one thing I have not found that I feel good about though is makeup!


Make up is why I started to THINK DIRTY! How in the world can I wear makeup and look the way I like to look and feel good about it? My sister and I had an entire conversation on the different ways that we could make our cosmetics. We still have not come up with a plan, but she did introduce me to this great app called Think Dirty

Lily Tse, the founder of Think Dirty, has been affected by cancer in her family. Her own personal story and watching The Story of Cosmeticsprompted her to begin her consumer revelation, you can read about it Here Leanne stumbled upon this app and sent it over to me. I have been scanning and checking as many products in my bathroom as I possibly can. I was shocked by how “dirty” my bathroom was. I had products in there that were a 10 on the dirty scale! I do not want to be a 10! I want to be a 1. 1-3 is green and that is good! I do not want to ever think about putting dirty products on my body ever again! I choose to eat clean, I am now choosing to apply clean! 



There is so much to think about and so many things that can affect us and our health. Many of those things we have no control over, so why not begin to control the things that we can? I don’t choose to live in fear of the things around me. I live life. I go out to eat, and try really hard not to think about how the food is made or where it came from, but I do eat. I do not live under a rock or grill the server about where the food comes from. I eat at home as much as I can and then I enjoy the time when I am out. I don’t think it is realistic to think we can cut everything out of our lives that can be harmful, but if we can make small changes for the good of our bodies, I definitely want to find what those are. The Think Dirty app has given me the feeling of having a little more control over what I put on my body that is being absorbed into my body. 


I would encourage you to check out the app. My understanding is that it is only available for the ios system, but I read somewhere that there is an android app coming out in the near future. 



**I have not been paid for this review nor was I asked to review this app. These are all my own opinions and I just chose to share them.**


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